Social – and the most fun I had in some time

It was simply awesome. The social and all. But more than that the trip to the beach with the guys.. It was SIMPLY THE MOST FUN I HAVE HAD IN AGES. AGES I MEAN AGES… It was unparallelled fun. So what is this all about, well let me slowly unravel the fun.

Today, we had the class social, a sort of farewell to us classmates of Computer Science of the batch of 2005. We paid [damn those junis who didn’t give us a farewell] and had food and some minor fun at Park Rajdhani [near Ulloor]. The menu was simple 
[] A welcome drink – a fruit punch [with 6 pegs of Aristocrat vodka that nobody recognized even me]
[] Soup – Sweet Corn Veg Soup [oh those complaints from the non veggies]
[] 2 rice dishes – Pulao [just abt k], and plain rice
[] 2 bread dishes – Nan [could have broken a window] and Kerala Parotta [dunno didn’t taste]
[] 2 veg side dishes – Mattar Paneer [good paneer, bad green peas] and Veg Fry [TASTY YUMMY]
[] Butter chicken for the non veggies [oh those poor chickens]
[] Curd Raita
[] Cut cucumbers, tomatoes and onions and carrots
[] Yummy mango pickle
[] Dessert – ok vanilla ice cream and TERRIBLE carrot halwa

The food wasn’t BAD. But, it wasn’t exactly GREAT, save for that veg crispie things, yummy!

Before we all turned out to eat the whole thing up, we had some fun taking snaps and all! [will post them soon as i can lay my hands on them]. My shaved head really stood out [yeah I shaved my head recently, as I felt like doing that]. People were having fun. Meanwhile we had a plan to continue the fun after the alloted time [4-8pm] by going to Kovalam.

It turned out that Gautam, Sid, Anoop, Remin, Hari, Pattalam, Ayyaps, Sreeram and me were the only people left to continue the fun, and DID we have fun? YEAH – it was the best time I have had in some time – seriously.

Me, Remin and Sreeram had a drink each. I had a 60ml vodka with 7up. Sreeram had some Honeybee or Honeydew or something. Remin ordered a KF beer.

We then proceeded from Park Rajdhani in Anoop’s car, and 3 bikes to Shanghumugham. What followed was trying to dip everyone into the ocean. It was soooooo much fun. Hehe, we were running around like kids and trying to get each other down and into the water. In the end everyone was dripping wet. I am WAITING for the snaps to come out. Woohoo…. This was indeed a memorable experience in my life.

It also makes me sad that I am gonna miss these guys sooo much once I move to Bangalore. I am moving on the 6th of July. Damn it, why should I move when I have this good a time. It was awesome… I mean never did I feel sooo happy [yes the vodka may have had some effect Hehe… but yeah more than that the whole this was fanstastic.] Boohoo, damn I am gonna miss this!!!!!

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