Chennai and Back

Once, I cleared my system of the lab exams and the final academic ties with the college, I scrammed to Chennai in hope of some shopping and some quality time with amma, ro and appa b4 I left for Bangalore. It was good – the shopping, although I realised that I am best served with custom tailored dresses ;-)! [Don’t mean to sound snobby, but my waist size is 33 and they have 32 and 34 waist sizes, so either I will have to shrink or grow into the 34, for which I chose the former].

Shirt sizes start from 39, and I need a 38. Yeah yeah. Hehe… Well, it was fun. I am now back in good ol’ Trivandrum, listening to some songs and getting back into the mood for jogging and swimming and getting into shape.

Well, as luck may have it, swimming is closed until 21st. So, I am now stuck to jogging and minor weight training at home. I _have_ to drop another inch on the waist, and hardening some of those wings ;-)!

Aaaah.. the tryst with working your body keeping in mind those model bods that u wanna have. Weird i know, but hey those are the things that a guy blessed with some horizontal component has to consider!

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