Well, the trysts of life – beautiful and completely capricious. I am amazed at how I have fared through it through the 21 years of my life. It has had everything. Ups, downs, plains, meanders, oasises, what not? It was a mild introspection that led me to the conclusion that I am absolutely, undoubtedly happy with my life.

Contented to live it the way it is? The answer to that is NO. I have never wanted to live my life any particular way, and that is part of the reason why I am so damn happy that I have tried most that life has to give. Well, duh! not everything, but I wanna try as much as possible. Good, bad, heaven, hell, paradise, garbage dump, and everything in between.

Part of how I have been enjoying my life, and gonna be my motto from now on. =)! But yeah there are some strict no nos for me! more on that soon. As of now, really hungry and gotta finish the crappy book called “4:50 from Paddington” by Agatha Christie. Gimme more Poirot and Archer, and Dan Brown :D!!

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