CCCL, unfortunately I am unable to attach a link, which I will at the later time. Well what the hell is it you ask? It’s one of the success stories of this decade I say. What you ask? I say read on….

This is the company that my uncle and his friend floated about 4 years ago with a capital of Rs. 30 crores. They started out as a construction company and well now they are a force to be reckoned with… Lemme give you some simple figures to refute my stance. They have a yearly turnover of Rs. 400 crore. [:o]. I had the privilege of attending their GBM [General Body Meeting]. They are planning to go IPO in 2007/8.

There were some things that I noticed in the meeting that completely awed me!

[] They are 1100 strong and manage something like 300-400 projects at any instance [Talk about efficiency]
[] Their projects include 60% of repeat orders from clients. and they have another 40% new orders, which implies a 100% growth every YEAR!!!!
[] Their clientele include Infosys [all orders], HCL [all orders], Toyota, TATA Budget Hotels, 7 Star hotel ventures, Coca cola, Kirloskar, Sringeri Mutt
[] Highlights include Asia’s LARGEST Dome structure [Food Court Hyderabad – Infy], Asia’s GREEN structure [completely made of environment friendly materials] and so on…

This is indeed what I call a success story, and something that I personally would like to ape. Decollapse Inc. [or whatever it’s finally called] has to have a success story like this, and a few untapped markets pop into mind

[] Software products – PMTs – Project Management Tools – defi an untapped market
[] Gaming parlors – PC, Console, the works, including old arcade games as well. India somehow was left out in the global cenario – a part of it being the high budget and high prices associated with it. But hey, I am sure if I can put my head on to the business scenario, I can come up with the budget gaming parlors that India defi needs
[] Restaurants – there is NEVER a bad time to open a good restaurant. As they say there are two things that are forever certain – Death and Taxes, but I feel they miss out on the business scenario that a good restaurant provides [or it was intentional, as you see there is usually a business scenario where there is 1. shortage or 2. when people need a change.]

Hmm… did I just make a marketing mantra? More like reiterated the cliché. 😀

Anyhoo, I think some of this has to rub on me to encourage me and allow me to finally accomplish what I am meant to do [no I don’t believe in destiny]! Although I would if Kate Beckinsale comes up to me and says that it was “Serendipity” that brought us together. But, until then I’d rather make my paths clear and trod them like I have never trodden before.

Glimpse of my daily life these days:

[] Read and devour what all fictional material I get, and that includes India’s cricket news as well
[] Planning to brush up some of my college education prior to put it to test at Siemens. Hoping that the plan contorts into action soon
[] Wonder and dream about the new apartment that Harsh mentioned when he gave me a call. What he told me has made me dream of a wonderful duplex with 3 HUGE bedrooms, a library, a balcony with a breathtaking view! Not getting into the details, as I can go on and on… 

I still have some purchases to make prior to my departure to Bangalore – a pair of brown loafers, a cream shirt, a jet black slacks, and undershirts. I am traveling the breadth of Trivandrum to get the V/Round necked undershirts, but I can’t seem to get my hands on some cheap ones – each cost around Rs. 150 MINIMUM!! [Wail]

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