Story – me – untold

I have been reading some blogs lately and I noticed the amount of “writing” present in the web creating an aura that beckons me to involve my creative juices. Never in my life have I written a story before, esp with dialogues although I devour one after the other. Anyway, the more I read these “stories”, the more that I felt that the web can always do with some more humor, as most of these stories involve quite a stretch of emotion and sentiments. Humor, altho subtle, kinda completely evaporates off the scene, even if it were intended. So, what I say, over the next few days, let me try and write a story that is well, humorous.

Meanwhile, I read somewhere that only once into life, you notice the details… Well, some details that I have been noticing over the past few days

[] Agatha Christie has had quite a few jibes at the aristocracy of her time. Subtle lines here and there point out to the snobbish and irate quality of the aristocracy once in a while.
[] Only now I realised why always TWO people take notes in a case. Once is used as a witness in the court of law to uphold what the investigator has noted from the person being inquired.

Yeah I know nothing great about them, but hey the fascination of crime, murder, guns, knifes, cars and bikes, and wrestlers never left me. :D. I mean I remember I used to walk around with an ID card that had the blue FBI imprinted on it [of course it was a hand print – didn’t have the time or money to get it printed]. Then I used to use one of my ID card pouches – the clear plastic ones and stick my photo in it. I used to make this behind the old visiting cards of my dad/mom.

Well, getting back to the story, since my fascination of murder and mystery is there anyway, why not make it a Thriller comedy – a new genre even. :p!

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