Enough of the F***ing Rain

Aarrgghhh… I am done with rains for this season! The wonderful pitter patter sound [which unfortunately comes only when u actually listen FOR it] has lost its charm. Now it’s only the mundane evaporation-condensation cycle playing its monotonous, boring efforts. But, I don’t know if I am to blame as the weather is kinda gloomy all day long and really gets to me when I wanna go for a jog [k k not a jog, a power walk] in the evening. My swimming session plans washed over coz of some aquatic competition happening in the pool. To irritate me more, the proverbial b***h of a treasurer of Dishaa has made my plans of getting a Transfer Certificate a pain in various parts of the anatomy.

To add to all that, my sister has just become ICE QUEEN, being cold like never before. I hate this, I feel like punching someone. Not that I have ever taken out my frustration like that before, but hey gotta try it sometime :D. Well, Nolle Prosequi as Jeeves says!

That’s it I am outta here. I am NOT concentrating on the things that I have to do before I leave. I mean not the things for me, but for Ro and Thatha and all. I have been quite selfish these days! But, I am wondering how can they blame me? I mean, I have to concentrate on these things now for me don’t I? Grrr… ICE queen betta change!

I feel like running and running more and well to quote the Matrix, “Free your mind” thing. I want to completely blank whatever is going on and start afresh, like a nestling hatching out of an egg [ok gross picture, take the metaphorical meaning]. I want to break free [not the song by Queen, again a gross, yet funny picture].

Well, feeling a lot better after a mild letting out of frustration. Now gonna play some pool, and then some GTA. God, thank you for computer games [Thanks also to Rockstar games for not having Starforce encryption for the San Andreas PC]!

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