A Dream…

I was asleep dreaming of some competition that I was taking part in and in that I had created a character of a tribal chieftain. I liked the description that I gave of the character in that and thought I would log it and remember it for a later time.

Tribal chief Googoodoll basher
Mr. Googoodoll basher is a trained vegetarian cannibal cheiftain. He dislikes human meat but likes human products. He is a man who likes poopoo with his peepee, but not peepee with his poopoo. He’s trained in 7 different martial arts of the humans and 18 styles of the monkeys. A specialist in mating calls, he has earned his doctorate in the mating calls of cockroaches. Looking through his career heights, starting a simple life, he has reached to be the cheiftain of the Wukuuka [Woo koo kaa] tribe, through a maze of many different tribes whos e names and pronounciations are further confusing.

His hobbies include skate boarding, birdwatching [giving a whole new meaning to it now that he knows mating calls], testing new human products, cleaning the river, helping out his mom to clean up the humans before they are put into the kettle, helping his dad work on the poison tipped arrows, working out by the mountains, hiking by foot, swimming by hands, killing by head. He wants to continue his foray into the unknown human world and introduce new ways of peaceful life. His ambition is to collect the Nobel prize for peace.

Well, there was more and I got an applause in the end, but this is all I remember of it. DAMN!! 😀 Anyhoo, me going back to sleep. Came out of the slumber only to log this and now done, ADIOS!

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