Mail from Appa

Hehehehehehe! I was waiting for this for sometime. Finally I triggered it. :)! The mail guide from dad on what to do, what not to do once I am living my life. Here take a peek

Love you kutta.

May God keep all of us well that we don’t financially depend on each other.

Though I am unable to see you off to your first job, my love, kisses, hugs and Aasheervadams to my sweet boy.

Mom, Rohini, Thaatha, Ammamma, Parur Thaatha, Parur Ammamma, Giirja Athai and family, Syamala Periamma and family and all of us and others love you.

I am transferring 3530+3000+500=7030-3428=3602 rounded to 3600/-

Few requests

Do not smoke at all.
Do not taste alcohol at all.
Do not discuss about anybody to anybody else.
Do not spend time reading jokes, personal mails during office hours.
Do not complain about your boss, or per, or subordinate.
Never discuss office politics with anyone, but be informed not be affected or pulled into it.

Do excercise everyday.
Do shave daily
Do wash your clothes daily
Do pray daily
Do sleep early before 11PM daily
Do get up daily at 6 AM, even on Sundays.
Do dress well.
Do eat on time everyday.
Do write to me, Amma, Thaatha, Ammamma, Parur Ammamma and Parur thaatha every two weeks.
Do read professionally realted to your job 1 hour a day.
Do consume one glass of milk every night.
Do see a doctor as soon as you are unwell.
Do maintain an account book from day one – Income, expense, balance with every entry even one rupee’s expense
Do buy 15 flat files, and punch and file everything in sorted files.
Do get to know from Finance your tax liability and saving methods.
Do apprortion your tax saving schemes on monthly basia and start from 1st pay onwards.
Do understand your income tax liability, how to save tax, how to make your tax deduction from salary as close as possible to what is due and not excess.
Do learn to fill Income tax returns.
Do keep in touch with your boss on a daily basis.
Report every day to your boss and brief him everyday.
Bosses don’t demand that but they like it since it is useful.
Do project your happiness and achievements, however small as soon as you do it.
With time, great and good thinkngs don’t feel so great or good compared to when it happens
Do improve your vocabulary.
Do learn to organize your time, write a schedule and keep it.
Do plan your vacation well in advance, and make arrangements than give very late notice to your boss.
Learn to enjoy the work you do.
No work or any job is bad. If we can like it, we’ll enjoy it.
No subject or field is low relative to another.
Respect all individuals from security onwards as human beings.

When you can mail or write do not spend on phone.
Keep all your belongings under safe custody , under lock and key always.



2 thoughts on “Mail from Appa

  1. Hey Pangs

    Know that I read this rather late..But absolutely luved it.But yeah found it rather borin wen my parents said d same things 🙂

    But hey who cares?V just luuuuv dem 4 dat,dont v?


  2. Hehehe!

    Yeah well, that’s what they are there for! I do the same thing to my sis as well. The thing is we gotta do our job of counseling ze younger ones now don’t we :-D!! ;-)!

    For e.g. Y’day nite, Ro[my sis] was spending her time rehearsing dances for some fest of hers or something on the 19th, and surprise surprise, she’s got her exams on 17th!

    To complicate matters, she missed dinner for the same. I told her to prioritize her work and then decide on what she has to do. Now, I know her too well to know that she’s gonna go dance :-D!! Hehe, she was so damn enthu about it ;-)! But I gotta do my job at counseling rite.

    :-D!! Anyhoo, nice to know you have reached such an old article :-D!


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