Mail from B’lore!

As I am in a net cafe, and the computer sucks, I am just copying a mail that i wrote. Well, shall write in detail soon, when i get a better computer. God this keyboard and the mouse and the whole damn thing SUCKS!!!!!

Hey there!

I have reached Bangalore and what a wonderful place this is. Altho it’s slightly costly, the place reeks of beautiful parks, greenery all around [all pun intended]. Am rite now staying at a guest house in Koramangala about 15 minutes walking distance from The Forum.

The guest house is beautiful with 3 tiers within the same house, rooms, hall and the dining hall. Behind the house, there is this humongous lawn. The only thig that sucks is that I gotta take leave of this place so soon.

On the lookout for a place to reside in here. The rents are generally off the roof, and hoping that I will manage to get a good place at a decent enough rent.

The best part of the whole thing is the free messagin, [local] 100 free smss a day @ just Re 1 rental per day. Amazing rite. this offer is there throughout Bangalore in most of the GSM moiles. And to think that I was appreensive about my mobile bills. 😀

Mite go for a BSNL postpaid, not yet decded oR applied.

The computer that I am typing from SUCKS. It behaves like my mobile. I ave to actually wait for about 4 secnds, before the TEXT that I typed gets updated on to the screen. God, I miss my computer. Joining Siemens on the 11th. Apparently it’s a week of the facilites being introduced t you and all. so should be pretty interesting. ;)!

well, Enjoy. C ya soon. Shall mail soon.

As Always
Guru Panguji

Yawn… and I’m bored now.. ;-)!

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