And I ramble again….

Yo yo yo! Feels good to finally type in something. Am at the Siemens library and am finally checking my mail after about a week or more. The weirdest thing about Siemens net access – blocked by Websense [what?]. My site cannot be accessed unless I use a 60 minute quota time where in it opens sessions of 10 minutes so that I can type. It’s blocked essentially for the reason that i can’t access Webhosting sites as I may be able to copy data on to the web – and SISL has a lotta data to be protected. Well, they are essentially PARANOID about security. :)!

But, cool things are here to come. I have joined a project names – Nuclear Medicine. It involves 3d image processing and hence can actually be quite interesting and will ensure that I get a good solid powerful PC on my desk. Woohoo. I mite even get 2 pcs as I may be required to code and test. Hehehe.

Office is simply superb. Whenever I get bored, i just go all the way to the recreation room and enjoy some TT [which btw I am becoming better at]. Throw in the library which has a decent collection of books, unlimited coffee, tolerable, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there you have how to recreate in SISL. Construction is going on for the new tower, which would double the space in SISL, and would ensure that we are able to get a specific cubicle and won’t have to change around much.

Well, that’s all for now! I guess, shall spend more time with my site, which I plan to now go to a professional host, with my domain name soon!!!!! Woohoo, SISL ROCKS!!!

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