Something Happened…

I am wondering how I am able to blog right now, as my site was blocked by Websense. But, my ardent efforts of incessant trials have finally allowed me to be back to my webland – the land I CREATED!!! :)! Although the creation is on a free piece of webspace. I always wonder, what if cyberspace had the “zamindari” system, what would have happened to the world.

It is weird especially since people have actually started buying land in moon [:o Yeah, can ya beleive it? the MOON].!!

Few things – lifez good, not completely hectic, technically sound, and is quite a fulfilling learning experience. I have realised that I am to learn quite a bit, before I become comfy in my new line of work [which I won’t reveal here as it mite be against the company policy – thanks guys ;)]. I love working tho.

I am thinking about making another content management system for Ramblings and port it to a good webspace provider and also buy my domain. Should come to about 1000 bucks a year, and I think now i can afford it. I guess I will start work on that soon. :)!

This weekend planning to make a trip to Chennai, but will depend on Thursday if I get assigned some work! If I do, then gonna be here as I gotta learn some more stuff anyway.

Anyhoo, miss reading and writing blogs, with the content being blocked like this :)! But, shall keep trying and forward this valiant effort. Btw, my site was selected for the Tripod Kitsch selection. So, people who have time, please search for the Tripod Kitsch in Google and vote fa “Ramblings of an Eccentric Soul”! I am sure that with ur votes, I can gain a good entry into the top 50 :)! Anyhoo, in office now, so gotta go :)! Seee ya \:D/

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