Site on Kitsch ;-)!

Hey WHOA!!!

This is COOOL!!! I just realised that my site has been featured in the Kitsch section!! AMAZING I am really excited. This means that the endeavor that I took has indeed paid off! Really excited. :)! Now, gonna continue with this charade. This alone is enough!

Uhum Uhum!! Now, let me start on my thank you speech as all the oscar winners say :D!

This award is for the efforts that I spent about 4 days in creating the Content Management System [Blogger v1.0] that I had christened it :D. Thanks to PHP4.0 version for coming up with an interesting and simple yet powerful enough language that made me study it and love it enough to make “Ramblings of an Eccentric Soul” on it :)!

Thanks to MySQL and for providing a free webspace for my MySQL database and PHP CGI support to allow server side scripting, without which the power and flexibility of my code would never have been realised :)!

Thanks to my dad and mum for getting me my lovely computer on which I coded it [Specs: Athlon XP 1800+, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD, Samsung SyncMaster 753S CRT monitor, nVidia GeForce Fx5600 graphics card, Creative Soundblaster Live Value! 4.1 sound card, Mercury 2.1 speakers for my front, Aiwa Home Theatre System with 5 speakers for my rear stereo, Asianet data line [256 kbps, 1GB cap], for providing me with the bandwidth]

Thanks to all my critics and readers who have been actively supporting me to write more and better and even vigorously after some inspirational articles that I read off their sites. I have made a list of all my favs, in no particular order in “Link ups”.
And last but not the least to LIFE, which has motivated me to write more and more and more and well still more

On this day, I am taking an oath that I will continue writing [bugging] people and be at it. Someday, I shall even release my book, MUAHAHAHHA. K! enough gloating and goading and self praise. But, I am damn proud of the whole thing :)! I mean, WOOHOO!!!

With that, lemme sign off fa now, but not without a simple request!!

-> PLEASE VOTE for “Ramblings of an Eccentric Soul” at Kitsch, I have provided the link here and in my rite bottom bar! Thanks for all the support and well, I will keep maintaining it :)!

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