I couldn’t sleep tonight, for no apparent reason and woke up at 12:30, after going to sleep at 12. Then I tossed and turned in bed until about 2:30am and then thought that I had to expend my energy into something and well this is what turned out! :D! Hope ya enjoy it! I know there are lots of jagged edges, which may/not be corrected in the future :)!

Read on…

His mind opened to a hazy, yet clear image that clawed him during sleep. He awoke, eyes yet unopened to a realm he rarely explored prior to now. A half drugged trance where specters were real, his senses heightened, where looks of the almost palpable people were prickling. So real was it.

He knew it was the wee hours of morning. However, he never bothered to check the time fearing that he may have to indeed wake up to that harsh reality of time and well, just wake up.

His mind’s eye was now fully awake, the hazy images slowly reaching solid clarity. He was struck by how real it felt, and at times he realized, it was more surreal. He never viewed himself from a 3rd person’s perspective during any of his few encounters, and this time was no exception. A first person view of the surreal world was thrown open to him.

Slowly, it began to sink in. She was there and he was trying to get across something to her. An unreal as he knew it was, he wished it were real. He wanted to hold on to this thought so badly that he started waking up. He realized, to his horror that her image was fast fading.

He struggled to keep it focused, waging a war he knew he would lose later into the morning, but striving hard to win this battle. He did not want to wake up. In a few seconds, he knew he had won this battle. The image fought between sleep and dreams was crisp again.

He was once again asking to his mind millions of unanswered questions that he had asked once earlier. Will she? Should I? Will she not? Why should she? Why would she? How? When? A further stream of permutations of an exponential scale exploded and pervaded into various threads of thoughts.

He found himself to be at a total loss to any of these questions – again. But, he was now mesmerized by the crystal clear image now almost etched into the parts of his mind. He was finally asking her. Asking her it she’ll indeed give him the chance he’s been wanting ever since he set his eyes on her. Ever since he noticed that she was the only thing that made him catch his breath. The only person whose mere presence made him stutter and shake inside, whose whiff transcended him to a state of exultation and well made him weak and clumsy, his insides churn as if everything he ever ate was there turning round and round. Him – the epitome of jubilation and joy turned into a lost soul with wanderlust.

Yes, he was finally her that. Yes, his hopes were finally yielding. She was ethereal to him now, her appearance seemed a bit pale now. He wondered if he was shocking her, surprising her or bringing elation?

But, wait, no it cannot be. No, not now, not now… This cannot be the time that he had to check the time. He wanted that moment to elongate, or the very least persist in his heightened state of drugged ness. No, he cannot wake up now.

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