Half asleep and there it pops

BEWARE: This post is really more of a ranting!

Why is it that whenever I am in a sort of a trance, my creative mind takes a spurn and churns out tons of awesome stuff? I always am wowed by it ability. But, the sad part is that by morning, i.e. when I see the sun, the whole thing is off my mind – WOOF! [No that’s not a bark] :-D!. I hate this feeling, when I am sure that it will be an awesome post, but there is nothing left to write about in the morning.

The toughest part to it is that I think it’s because I rarely THINK in the morning. If I am catching the morning bus, it comes @ 0659hrs and on an average I wake up @ 0630hrs. That leaves me just enough time to get ready [including the shower]. Now, that leaves me with zilch as far as thinking time is concerned. I mean for crying out loud, I have to multitask. I brush whilst I shit, take a shower, then get dressed and am off for the morning sprint [to catch ze bus :-D].

GRRRRRRRRR…. That’s it! Now I will wake up and jot it down on what I was thinking. That’s the only solution I see right now. So, I have to go the “write” way again, now don’t i??

P.S. I had tons to write in my mind y’day, but nothing of it is present in my mind today morning. Hopefully, some vague recollection will spark off what I was thinking about yesterday night!!!

2 thoughts on “Half asleep and there it pops

  1. hey!
    1) Hello, wen did i say that one is not the best person to know oneself…..wat i meant there(in that comment) was i dont know u enug to comment on that bday chara thingie.
    2) i think wordpress is a better option.
    3) 4)….etc forgot wat i wanted to write….:P.
    anyways, bye n take care..

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