Absolutely frustrated. My mind is gone bonkers. I mean I had thought about something to post and was excited about the whole thing, and now here I find… I AM LOST!! The stupid thing has gone off my mind!! Man, this is gnawing my mind!! Why? Why? WHY?

I had made a sketch y’day. I really liked it as well! Unfortunately, I cannot upload it into flickr as I am outta bandwidth for this month. So thinking of uploading it to any image uploader sites…. Can anyone suggest something?

Other than that, life is moving on… Absolutely excited about the trip to Thadiyandamol. Last weekend I had been to Nandi Hills and thoroughly enjoyed. The whole place was misty with cloud covers… One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. The snaps have also come out really well :-)! Of course, 2 Sony cams covered the thing naa 🙂 My SE K750 and Sai’s Sony Digicam.

You can check out the snaps here. Shall make a photo blog as well with one of the snaps from Flickr.

Gurupanguji @ Flickr

Shall post in about Thadiyandamol. And hehehe, check out the VERY FIRST link @ Google search for Thandiyandamol and check out the possible leeches on the way.. Scary, I think so :-P!

3 thoughts on “Grrrr…..

  1. Thanks guys! and Photobucket are accessible! Unfortunately, ripway is blocked! Thanks a TON!! :-)!

    @ Kaushik: Thanks man, and wonderful snaps @ Deviant Art!!

    @Divs: Thadiyandamol is gonna be awesome. Woohoo, really really excited :-)!

    Thanks again guys!

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