Shades of Life

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I had made the wallpaper from a sketch I had made on the 8th. I had sent it to some people and they really liked it. So thought I’d submit it as a deviation as well. :-)! Done that, and now thanks to Divs and Kaushik, I have been able to upload it to a photo hosting site, as my Flickr upload for this month is finito!

Thanks a ton guys!

7 thoughts on “Shades of Life

  1. Indeed that was my intent when I started out making the wallpaper. Although I don’t maintain ANY icons on my desktop, I still make it a point to consider that a lotta people have TONS of icons [not intending you]! Hence I made the wallpaper that a way!

    I made one without the title “Shades of Life” as well. If ya want it, I can send it to you! :-)! Btw awesome pics @ Deviant Art man! Keep it up!


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