Wallpaper Mania – Part 3. Made the sketch based on a drawing I saw off the net. I really liked the concept, and I tried out the pencil drawing with _only_ horizontal lines! The whole drawing is made outta only horizontal lines. I think it came off ok… :-)!

Free Image Hosting at

And of course, planning to upload it to Deviant Art as well :-)!

Have uploaded to Deviant Art. Here’s the direct link :-D!

Stargazing @ Deviant Art

6 thoughts on “Stargazing

  1. Thanks buds! I know I can bug you to check out my sketches only for so long… Yenjoying Chennai I know! Ass!!
    Well, I may be coming there next weekend. Not Sure! But let’s plan something for the New Year yaar. Long time since we all got together!!

  2. Hehe!
    Thanks :-)! Actually, neither did I? Well I did like the whole idea of “Communication in Focus”. Was kinda patting myself in the back as I was able to bring that focus into it…

    Well, I have done some studying on Photoshop and some tinkering. Also, I am switching to color pencils ;-), prolly next week or something… Hehe!

    Well, hope they come useful with my next set of works on the process ;-)!

  3. hmm…..yea the concept of commn is focus was cool but smthg was missin in taht wallpaper
    more stuff…..lets see!

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