People say that we are born to win,
Engulfed in this concept, we often mess up and commit sin.
Indeed I question, is winning so important?
To cite words and act some we never meant!

Hoard money, we never send
To loved ones on whom, love we ne’er spend
We strive hard to win,
Win we might, yet change our life from a success it has been

Never a kind word, never a smile,
We harness deceit and guile
To hold the medal of victory
Never realising ours are but acts of misery.

Struggle we do, to grab the cup
Not at any point realising
What, in our race to the top
We have given up!

I am starting a new category called “Ramblings on the Hosur Road”. These are what goes through my mind on the 1 to 2 hour journey back home on the office transportation. I was so bored y’day that I came up with that lyric above. It’s as raw as it gets. ;-)! I had jotted it down on my mobile.. So had it today! :-D!

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