The HP tragedy!

This is what really disgraces the humankind to a level lower than the one set previously. Tragedy is an understatement to this incident. Furthermore, the focus is on the blame game, rather than analysing where everything went grossly wrong!! The victim must honestly be cursing the whole police lot to actually try and put part of the blame to HP, by saying that they haven’t reacted when the victim took a substitute cab!

My verdict is SIMPLE! This was actually caused by the whole F***ing system that Bangalore has developed. Agreed it’s a cosmo and the rates are high. But, why the hell are they letting the auto drivers dictate the rates? Auto drivers decide the rate for anything and everything!

I mean, people, please don’t read it as a question of status, but Auto drivers, I am sure would be earning as much as I am. They would easily earn 500 bucks a day raping the system and the people. Cabs are costlier still. There is no use bickering, but Bangalore seriously needs to curb such things, else it’s going to become the next Delhi, or what I am dreading, even worse!!

And about the HP case, STOP THE BLAME GAME, don’t justify your actions! The poor woman was raped and murdered. I completely beleive in an eye for an eye, especially in these cases. I don’t want the public to maul the rapist, but justice should prevail.

There is an argument that “an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind”! To refute my case, I would say that Man shouldn’t start poking another’s eye in the first place. Live and let live!!

Anyhoo, I know I may not be writing so persuasively, but only because I am angry!!! Grrrr…. BLAME GAME!! Of all the things to do…. WAKE UP BENGALURU, no use just changing your name, you have to wake up, smell the tarnished roads, the jammed lanes and think about what you are going to do about it!!!

2 thoughts on “The HP tragedy!

  1. well, wat happened was sad?
    n the fact is that though this might bring out certain things abt b’lore…..its happenin all over the country….n the blame game is the result everywhere….

  2. It’s really disgusting!! I can’t find another adjective to add to that other than perturbing!! Yup, “passing the puck” has been the strategy to get outta any situation for us naa!! Sazaa bhugatna padega!!

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