I am excited…..

Don’t ask me why, or for what? But, I am excited… And honestly, I dunno the reason. Is it Christmas, or some vibration that I picking up from somewhere? Do I even wanna know the reason? I am gonna spend my Christmas with my bumchums!! 😉 at Mysore. Hehehe! And the best part is that Sid is also gettin there!

New Years @ Chennai is the plan as of now. Will be meeting Thatha and Ammamma, Appa, Athangs [senior and junior] and of course Athai, Athimbar and Periamma!

New Years will be @ Sid’s place with Raji and Aunty!! Let’s see what the host [Sid] has planned for the evening. I have never been a huge beleiver of New Years, for the simple reason that I don’t beleive in the artificial constraints of the continuous time that man has imposed to make it “countable” or discrete.

Zeno’s Paradox plays man, somewhere, at some level for sure!

Also, I am streaking my hair with some burgundy color. The motivation for this – nothing, been toiling with this idea for quite some time!! Y’day, I actually went to a salon and almost got my hair straightened as well. But, just at the nick of time, I changed my mind. Whatever!!

So, that’s the plan for the weekend and next!! Another step in time, another milestone fast approaching! An idea is prospering in my head right now… Hmm, guess I will give another shot at a sonorous musing! Will post it later after some saj dhajna!

Now, it’s time for lunch!!

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