My temperament

You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm – easily excited by many things.
Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.
You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.
Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.
You’re an instantly passionate person – and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.

At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.
Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.
A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

What Temperment Are You?

Went to Duttan’s blog after some time and realised why I don’t visit that place so often. It makes me nostalgic and SAD :-(! That crazy nut case is playing games one after the other and here I am stuck with an awesome machine that can prolly beat his machine hands down [Well not in the case of graphics cards, but hey this is _MY_ blog :-D]. The screenshot of F.E.A.R. makes me wanna cry!!!!

Why didn’t that game release whilst I was in TVM? Meanwhile I heard a sad news! :-(! My GeForce FX5600 [yeah I know it ain’t the best thing around anymore, for that matter, never was I guess] has conked after serving me for about 3 years. :-(! My mom has kept the “dead body” safely. I have to go and do a post mortem and find out the reason as to why it conked?

I am feeling restless!! Absolutely restless! I am off to take some snacks and finish off some pending work. All my principles of _not_ working after 4:30pm the day I come early has gone off the window.

3 thoughts on “My temperament

  1. Same pinch…..apparently i have that temperament too!!
    Hope u had a good xmas..will read some other time.
    Bye n TC

  2. Hehehe! Yeah well some of it’s quite true, I can mark it as well – the “good” part! ;-)! Hehehe!

    The other parts… hmm, a narcissist??? Have to check up on that, but yeah I do think I am right most of the time!

    But, hey I can admit my mistakes, althought it will take me quite a convincing power from the other side to disprove me ;-)!

  3. Hi Pangu.

    I feel really sorry for the card. And you too! 😀

    Its time to move on….

    BTW, When I also am working in Infy, I don’t know if I will get the time to play games. But I sure will gouge out some time for it!

    If you wanna get a new card, get an nVIDIA 6800GS card from outside India. Best Bang for the Buck. 200$.


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