The Road Ahead

I had been to Mysore for Christmas and spent time with Sid, Anoop, Gautam, Harsh, Mihir, Supriya and Shweta. The return trip was on bikes with Venu, Jagannath and Rakesh on a Pulsar 180 and a CBZ!! The return was simply SUPERB!! It has qualified in one of the _best_ trips I have ever made. I rode both the CBZ and the Pulsar.

We started back by around 5pm, and took about 5 hours to reach Bangalore, which otherwise takes only about 3-4 hours by train! :-D! Hehe!

The trip was awesome because of a lotta reasons. The company, the bikes, the roads [uhum at least for some parts], the thrill of riding unknown paths [honestly don’t think any of those guys had any idea of the way until we reached the outskrits of Bangalore], the temperature dropping away like weighted lead, add to that the wind chill factor, dim headlights! Well, just perfect!!

I actually got behind a truck as the exhaust gases were providing us some warmth! The black soot settled on my face, which was really really hard to get off, was just a bonus along with the package!

Yet, the thrill of seeing just a weird area lighted by the headlights with nothing else to guide you but your instinct [which turned out to be WRONG in some cases] was simply divine!!

So, i will go and mention that Mysore-Bangalore road by bikes is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RIDING for all the bikers out there! And you HAVE to make the trip in the night. Word of caution: Take enough warm gear :-D! Don’t wanna end up shivering and driving at the same time like we did ;-)!

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