Erratic slapdash!!

I was just typing randomly and came up with a concoction of some fourliners [rhymers] in about 5 mins. None of them are connected together but via the threads of thoughts that passed in my mind over the 5 minutes!!

Everyday I wake up and I smile
And on the bed I lay still a while
Although I know that work is prolly just a mile
I still savor that moment, even though I know it’s all a guile

Somedays I beat the sun to it
And sometimes the sun makes me sit
With its rays it gives me a hit
Boy o boy, sometimes the sun sure can be a git.

I jump up and sometimes decide to jog
In the bright sun, and at times in thick fog
And at times I just stretch and jump back in bed
Coz my legs they feel heavier than bags of lead.

But everyday a bath I do take
And without it a day I can’t make
Maybe in my bathroom, maybe in a lake
This bath of mine, I never do fake [;-)]

You can dance and you can jig
You can prance after a swig
A ballet with a few pegs in
Turns into a mallet once you drive and commit the sin.

Many a thoughts cross my mind
Some are prolly crap from the hind
But this is what makes a human bind
Emotions – from an animal blind

I laughed when a foot ball hit my friend in the groin
Even Homer laughed at it, he made a drawing

I can type amazing stuff
Things fly outta my mind, in a huff and a puff
Rarely they make sense, they are rough
But tell you what I am a blog buff [oon]

The saviors of the world are clowns
Who bring laughter in an otherwise globe of frowns
Alas, they rarely attract the girls with pretty gowns
Does it ever give them the downs?

Well, that does it! I am certified nuts!!! :-P!

2 thoughts on “Erratic slapdash!!

  1. You tried to write a poem
    And you did
    Got the words to rhyme
    And even better than this kid
    Not it ain’t boring or rubbish
    One of the best comments I got, although morbid ;-)!

    Thanks kickasso ;-)!

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