Mixed Feelings!!

A day of joy, sorrow, ecstasy, depression…. Mixed-feelings, I finally have an idea, a first hand experience of this term ;-)!

There were 3 highlights of the day, which I will not care to mention for the fact that they are professionally personal! :-D! I was floating on cloud 9 even enjoying the experience of a 2 hour inching traffic on the Hosur Road! Unfortunately, it didn’t last long after reaching home!

It was blasted away to oblivion, shredded into fragments by 2 kids in the noble cause of collecting donations for cancer victims! They called me “UNCLE”!!!!!!

To cure me of the depressive rhetoric, I wrote about 3 poems – one was written en route from office on Hosur Road, the other about the kids calling me uncle and the third to just cheer me up ;-)!

Uncle Uncle…..

The day that I dreaded
When my sentiments get treaded
Arrived…. and with it, the child in me was shredded!

“Uncle”, they called me,
Unleash it did, a torture of massive degree
Destroyed it did, me the childlike epitome!

Do I look that old?
Do I have wrinkles many fold?
Or was it that they were bold, rather just plain cold?

Should I start applying anti-aging cream?
Can I still continue to dream?
Somebody blind me, I feel I’m in front of a hi-intensity beam.

I’m more than depressed
I feel tortured and undressed
I should probably just rest in my bed!

Help me here,
My friends near and dear
This is something I dread and fear!!

Now, for the one on Hosur Road I composed as an sms, and then modified after reaching home

Hosur Road

A glistening sea of red lights
Ya can hear chatter, pitter patter
An ocean of honking mights

To get over boredom, some carry books,
Some take a few bites
And to cure himself, this humble guy recites!

Verses – terse, sometimes curses,
He ponders over temples and churches
At time of vehicles that move like a gentle caress.

Of bumps, of chums
Who inch through the road
In spite of their heavy laden purses

Still at large is silk board,
And still lie in this bus, people bored.
‘Tis the story of mankind, bound by a ragged cord,
Not of the Lord, but the Lengendary Hosur Road!

The last one was started off with a very serious vein, but it ended something that I thought was quite funny! It’s about the love of a man for booze and the pretty cute, female bartender!

Eventually, the pieces fall into places
The puzzle forms a whole, yet not without traces.
I wanted to take the straight path
But made me run, she did, through a myriad of winding mazes.

All I did, wrong maybe, was to love her,
Times misspent gaping and gazing over and over
Maybe I wanted s’thing more than threadbare
Still, my expectations, I rarely made ’em lower!

The news still came no surprise
Something I subconsciously had surmised
Yet, create it did, a deep gash inside
N’ever, I dreamt that I would be by her, beside.

Still, why the game I now wonder,
Yes, I worry now of this blunder
I would have given up my life
Yet, enjoy she did, my surrender!

I took refuge, and took my shots
Calm, with splendor
And as the night washed away
I wished her the best, my pretty bartender!!

Now, for some clarifications with the HR regarding my profit sharing. I haven’t received my full quota!!

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  1. @ Sid: Yo ‘sup fool? Have to make that extra special. Have’t started writing that yet. It’s on the pipeline after finishing off with the Tadiandamol trek 😉

    @divs: Thanks divs! And yeah theycalled me “Uncle” :-(!!

    @RustySnoopy: hehehe Thanks buds! Ya too!!

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