New years @ Chennai

I was called an expletive by Sid bhai to write a travellogue on the trip to Chennai! I had put it in ze pipeline after the final part of the Tadiandamol trip. Anyhoo, Shailaja did me a great favor and wrote one herself.. I am just gonna use the s/w engineer’s mantra and just paste it here – powered by Ctrl+C, Driven by Ctrl+V. :-)! Enjoy it!

P.S. My version may have been slightly different [read: boring with details ;-)] so I will just settle for it. On further reading, if I feel that any clarifications are required, I will make some addendums and corrigendums for her :-P!

Good Morning boys n Gals..

Well iots been quite sometime that I wrote anything to ll ur guys abt wats bee happening in my life.. well for all of u whove been there in my life,just stand back n enjoy.. n for allthose who haven’t.. feel J… hehehe…

HAPPY NEW YEAR,,,,,… [huh , u r wondering why im sayin this out of the blue..take the clue guys.. u havet read DA VINCE CODE or wat…… 😉 ]

Ok dats were it all started.. or actually a day before.. so starting from 30th… that’s when my folks left with my ister to some place out of Chennai .. they were accompanying my sis for hey new year show.. so it was me HOME ALONE till 1st eve ( well technically my bro was in town too,bt dat necessarily doesn’t mean hes at home na….. hope my bros not reading this. Never know whom the chain of mails mite reach).. So I was all excited .. bt was sleepy too.. n this time all credit goes to SHameer… I was talking to him over skype till 2.. hehe… ( hey shameer….i know, I was doing most of the talking again so no blamin u)

Then came the dawn of the next day.,. woke up at 6 n became a BAI (maid) for the nest 2 hours) .. sid msgd me saying the guys have come[Anoop,Gautam,HARSH-gautams bro,Pangu Vangu, Arjun]. N when I called guess wat.. THE BUM (dats Suppu) was dere too….damn nw my heart was racing at 200 per minute .. wanted to just get to these ppl as fast as possible.. but u know,when it comes to Shailaja Babu luck plays pretty foul.. all of u must have gotto know abt it from the compre results na.. anyway, my poor BENGI( dats my youngest bro) he fell il… n I just couldn’t leave him alone dat too sick.. so had to take him to the Vet.. ASSHOLES.. the docs can never be there on time.. I mean the consultationtime was actually 10-1n the JACK ASS turns up at 12.. SOB.. anyway after a whole lot of swearing n trating my doggie I reach home at 1.. n start for sids houose dat very minute… MY sweet BHABHI had left me a Kurta on my table dat I wore to sids place. [hey u guys ,now u understand why my green kurta was so loose na!!] ok,now it s the biggest problem.. I wa stalking A car.. lets not call it my car, cos ive driven it only 4 times n dat too for learning.. else hardly used.. I told SID abt it, bt that stubborn ass just wuidnt ive driven no car beyind my area limits.. n sids place is like 8.5 km apart (plus the traffic).. so conveyed all my near n dear ones that I LOVE THEM n started the car.. reached pretty decently… [almost knocked off a cyclist.. bt he escaped]…

On reaching sids place o get the HEART ATTACK.. we are going to MAYAJAAL .. for which u got to pass by my house n maybe another 15km.. dat makes it 10+15 km together.. wow.. were to go shailaja.. U R DEAD MEAT.. no escape.. best part was we had to drop Shivangi at t.Nagar.. u guys go [interruption….] ok sorry guys, now getting bac to the story.. for all of u who dnt know t.nagar , heres a hint.,.. if u can drive thro that road n get out of it n half an hour, u can drive any part of the world.. n trust me dat feat still remains unbeaten.. so I drove till dere, with raji,anoop n Supu being a pain in my ass….for a car a foot away they’d ask me to break rite here.. talk abt CONFIDENCE.. then from then on Anoop wanted to the the driver to take us to Heaven/HELL… as long as it’s the same destination,whose bothered whose the driver .. anyway.. anoop drove pretty well to mayajall.. poor thing,must have felt like driving a BULLOCK CART.. I had all fears in my mind. Wat if the car bursts n these ppl are hurt. (my car runs on gas ok.. n anoop was sayingmaybe thers no water in the radiator).. apart from me I got 4 other responsibilities n was just praying hard that we reach mayajaal n get back safely.. we did reach mayajaal. Saw the most sort after movie ( u wont believe it HARSH called form b’lore to ask sid to book tickets for it.) I had a MAJor crush for this guy playing thr character,cedric diggory… hes to HOT…then movie over.. all time wasting tatics tried at mayajaal.. then decided to hit my place,cos my swwet bro forget his keys n was waiting for me to get back … so hit home..this time, its was Sid,Pangu Vangu n Gautam( it was gautam rite).. once again anoop at the drivers seat n me next to him.. this time car didn’t start..god thought my worst fears were realizing slowly.. I didn’t want to spoil these ppls new year.. GOD SAVE me.. n he did.. it started.. we never stopped.. kept going..but the car kept making weird noises.. I was feeling so scared deep insede if we wud reach safely.. throughout the trip home I was nothing but tensed.. Thank god..seriously.. we reached safely.. went to my place.. n thenhit sids place.. this was too much.. this time again we tried taking the car n it just wudnt start from my place.. anoop was pretty stuck that he wud start the car at any cost.. finally after half an hour he gave up.. then after pushin the car a little too far from home, we parked the car on the road n walked back home.. my bro dropped us at sids place.. had dinner.. YUMMIE PIZZAS… Harsh was warming the Pizzas with his arm pit warmth.. PANGU Burped all over his Pizza.. n wat n not.. so I had just enuf thanks to pangu n so dere was no rollin on the ground by me because I ddint over eat.. then we almost tore our vocal cords by wishing HAPPY NEW YEAR.. then we danced n did wat not…I kinda slept off… dat was the end of day one 1 pm.. after dat comes in day 2..


Shailaja Babu

[P.S : in between all this I was paired up with al the guys starting from PAngu , then Arjun n Harsh…. By 12 I had to decide one of them n change my status from SINGLE to DOUBLE hehehe….ultimately I settled for HARSH.. well cmon just tink.. PANGU doesn’t fit into even one of my criterias.. by mistake I called Arjun –ARJUN BHAIYYA n suppu was making me feel F***ing guilty.. so it was HARSH al rite..this way I become gautams BHABHI n can ritefully search for w gal for him.. so HARSH it was.. sorry HARSH it is…]

So, there it was! My corrections will be placed here :-)!

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  1. he he that was the infy mantra … anyhoo .. this was just DAY 1 .. awaiting .. DAY 2 .. whatta kick ass day it was …… sigh!!!

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