Wanna be a Rockstar….

I was just wondering about what it takes to be a rockstar apart from a lean frame, long hair and have a taste for alcohol. Hmm, actually I can get the list to go on more… What about an amazing voice [ooh yeah, need to yell, growl and yowl]! That’s about all I can add at first thought. [Damn, I thought I could add more man]. Yeah, I didn’t have anything better to do!

But, I noticed is that there is a lotta hatred or something that has happened in their life that has absolutely made them mad, cynical and take to the vice [No, I ain’t talking about alcohol – ummm… BEEEEEERRRRRR [as Homer puts it]].

Holy Mother of God, I think I just had a nested brackets in my blog. That’s it! I am getting off the IT industry!!

I have not found a single rocker who _does not_ do anything or has not had a bad incident happen in his life? It is almost as if the frustration found a release through their songs, which is what happens most of the time. Rockers are almost like any other drunkards, save for the fact that, their release of frustration took a creative turn!

This got me thinking to another thing. Recently I read that rock is nothing but people lashing out against the community, go against the social norms to which they can’t confine, for whatever reason! There are various examples – war being one of the most common. But, one of the best examples was the evolution of the “grunge” rock – headed by Nirvana and other bands of the same time. Hehe, they were the babies or the grandbabies of the “Baby Boomers” – the ones that strived for a glorious America. The grunge was popularized by a bunch of “averages”. The time when not everyone was really striving to make a better place. They were already living at a place, which was probably seeing one of its best times in history. Splurging was more of their motto.

Consequently, drugs, alcohol and smoking was at its worst! So, was family well being and planning. I think divorces and remarriages and divorces were at one of the highest at this time. And well, make a song about it, like Cobain did, lashing out the anger on the same, and there he becomes one of the greatest! Damn man!

See, this could be one of the reasons that I just could not become a rockstar. Ok, let’s forget about the lean frame, the weight, the long straight hair. But, I think I got the voice, the attitude and the voice to become one! Hmmm, actually, when did I really start listening to Nirvana, Metallica, and the rest? [Ans: When I was kinda out and out with folks at home, sorta rebellious, under the misapprehension that they did not understand me, and what I was doing]. Interesting!!

Did I just find a connection here? Can I, rather Would I be the first rocker who has not had a tumultous life? :-D! Ok, that may be walking on thin air, hehehe, but hell I am gonna give it a shot!

I miss those wonderful days, I have spent with my band, trying to come up with the next sound. Hip hop sucks man, wonder how it can be the sound of this gen?? I mean, for crying out loud? Again, we are living in a pretty stable society is wat I feel. Hey, maybe one of the reasons that India has NOT brought out too many rockers in the international arena, save for Motherjane, Parikrama, Moksha, and to a degree Orange Street.

Whatever, f*** it! I streaked my hair. I am growing it – part of my New Year’s resolution that I will not cut it till the 21st of May! 22nd being my b’day!! Let’s see how it turns out! I have shaved it off, now to go to the other extreme, and experience all in between!! ;-).

I think I have said enough for today! I need to get a goddamn HPM-70 handsfree for my phone. Assholes SE have not supplied to the showrooms in Bangalore. I mean for crying out loud, I have been running around Bangalore for about a month looking for this shit!

I think I will go for another shot at the code I am writing and figure out what’s wrong and why it goes on an endless loop!! Logic – here I come!!

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  1. You are absolutely right! Hip Hop Sucks…Its a real pain to watch channels these days…Bring back the old rock n metal stuff! *sigh*

    btw I think I have heard your band once…not sure though…remember hearing Fuel and Paranoid.

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