‘Sup people? Aaaah… last week was awesome! Although I couldn’t make it home, I had fun! Hogenekkal was amazing. It was one of the most relaxing trips I have taken in quite some time. The next day at office was even more relaxing ;-)! Hehehe. Then, went out on Saturday and jigged the night away @ Sparks!


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And Wednesday begins…

If you are wondering as to why there are such a lotta snaps of me, :-D!! Well, it’s simple really. I wanted to show Ro the snaps, and this is the simplest way I can get the snaps to her!! :-)!

Hmm, a long time since I sketched something! I have to prolly devote some time for that. I will do that once I get my earphones repaired as I _need_ the songs to inspire me :-D!!

Ok, enough talk. I am getting to work for the day! I love what I am doing rite now. It’s well “rewarding” as at the end of the day I am seeing something work, and the progressive style of building up on the previous day is a real cool experience!!

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