Felt crying at my misfortune
I Never had “others”, making everyone my own.
Shared the loneliness of my friends
Yet, found myself at every corner alone.
Friends, they left me long ago
And today, love laid a loss.
If this is a dream, then I await for my eyes to open
And if reality this is, then wait I will for my eyes to close!

Hmmm, gonna watch Rang De Basanti today. Heard it’s a good movie. Will be a judge for that today! Sunday, going for the Bryan Adams concert. I think it should cheer me up for the next week!! :-D!! But, Jethro Tull and Uriah Heep are also coming to Bangalore Bengalooru within a span of 5 days. I mean, I can’t spend that much, but I wanna see all these bands perform :-(!

Anyhoo, jotted that previous one down after I got some sms! The idea should be credited to the person who came up with the Hindi equivalent. Thought it sounded better in English :-D!!

2 thoughts on “Alone…

  1. well this sounds good….but now me tryin to re-re-write it in hindi!:-)
    Oh i liked Rang de basanti…:-)…..and all of them concerts n shows….Enjoy! *sigh*

  2. Hehehe!

    Reverse-re-engineering. I saw Rang de Basanti! The movie was really really good! :-)! It was awesome even!! :-D!

    Yup, waiting for the Adams concert! But, now I guess the buzz is off!! I mean, tons o bands are coming. I wish Metallica or Iron Maiden paid a visit to bangalore!! :-D!!

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