BA, FP and a T

Bryan Adams, Food Poisoning and a Tee Shirt! That sums up my weekend ;-)!

Hmmm, the show was just superb!! Never thought that Adams man could rock the crowd so much. I mean there were guys who came running saying “I touched him.. I touched him…” almost reaching nirvana. ;-)! Hehehe! I would say that I went there with a bit of apprehension as I spent about 1200 bucks + conveyance charges for a soft rock guy. But, hell, he’s charismatic. Furthermore, the band that opened for him, “Superfuzz Bigmuff” – winner of VH1, Rock Idols competition, 2005, reminded me of the Nirvana grunge. The 3 piece band had a punch man, although, yes they need to smoothen some rough edges still!!

I enjoyed the show despite getting food poisoning the previous day, so you gotta take it from me that the show was good ;-)!

Took off the next day as my tummy was really bad and was running a fever. Anyhoo, Gautam and Anoop had come over and we went out for some shopping 😉

Here’s the stuff we bought

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