Valentine’s day gift!

Tired of hearing your loved one saying that you don’t spend time with them? Try this solution ;-)!

Image Hosted by SCTCE Free Image Host

This one is just knocks me out!! ;-)! Hehehehehehe!!

8 thoughts on “Valentine’s day gift!

  1. Hehehe!

    @Swaminathan: Thanks m8! I knew you’d understand!!
    @Divs: Hehe, I knew you understood. But comon a jibe in love’s name wouldn’t hurt anyone ;-)! Hehehe!

    Life’s cool guys! But now have to finish a task. Have a good post in the waiting!!


  2. @ Akshay: yo dude! Finally thou art visited my site :-D!! Thanks!! So any new devious outbursts @ urs? Can’t visit the blogs these days as I get out early thanks to a really really boring time in training!


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