The Hangover Gloom…

A peg here, A peg there,
A peg a time anywhere.
Gives you anytime a surreal high,
And s’times, at end you wanna fly!

And morning comes, after a g’night’s sleep
As usual, from your bed, you try to leap!
Your body, however decides to not,
And tumbling down, you fall from the cot.

Your head feels heavy all day long,
And throbs as if it’s a thrashed out gong.
Your brain – it’s at rest, and you smile at best,
All day long, you just wanna cuddle up in your nest!

The effects of alcohol, they’re awesome!
I mean, it’s like springtime in full blossom!
Hangovers, they are another thing,
It’s like bein in winter, without wearing anything!

So, today, I vow never to drink again!!
And take my precious body through the pain [ 😀 ]
But got two Bacardi’s in my room
Maybe I’ll take a swig for this hangover gloom!!

Yeah yeah yeah!! I know :-D!! But, couldn’t resist from penning this down!! Y’day was an awesome party for Valentine’s day @ my place. Yup, Flat #1, Site # 111/5, Rajappa Buildings, Opp Govt School, Taverkere, Bangalore – 29, hosted the party for all the single people that I know of!!

Hehe, we had food, dance and topped it off by cutting a cake! It was simply awesome! After that, we were planning to watch “Fun with Dick and Jane”, but somehow, no one really saw it. So, planning to reach home and watch that movie after meeting Dad, who’s in town btw.

I am hyperlinking the Invitation that I made for the party!! Check it out :-D!!

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I changed the layout of the page to test this new style called Hemmingway! It will only provide an excerpt on the front page and if you like what ya read, continue to click on the title taking you to the whole blog. I kinda liked it!! Especially the black look all over!! Totally rad!

I am getting the guitar from “Desp Satriani” aka Potti and starting to learn by myself. I need to get to the chords and fast so that I can at least sing to myself!! Note to self: Please don’t forget this!!!

8 thoughts on “The Hangover Gloom…

  1. awesome time…..only u wud say tat! repeat poor guitar…n poor poor neighbours!! 😛
    The ‘about me’ thing extends a bit too long……….takes away smthg from the look of the place….just a thot……
    TC n enjoy!

  2. @Divs: Hehehe! Y’day night I was all out in ze bathroom singing away to glory!! It was amazing… :-D, well at least for me…

    Hey I was also thinking the same thing! The About Me Page is kinda too long. I think I will make another page called profile and then put most of the stuff there, and make a small page about me, which is the default one. I agree, damages the look!!

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