America hater!

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Check out the pic!! Apparently that’s Bin Laden in his younger days, when fanaticism had not reigned strong in his head. I personally think that the image is BULL! Another hoaz prolly even started by America in its process of making the bad man look like a hypocrite!

But, if it’s true. Whoa, how people can change? Wonder if an American babe rejected him or something? ;-)!

Also please note the BABE in the leftmost snap!! She’s cute!! :-D!!

2 thoughts on “America hater!

  1. Er,

    OBL was the son of magnate, and he studied in Briton, dont quite think it could be a hoax.
    And the cute lady, would probably be hittin 50+ now! 😛

    (I bumped into this one, from WP tags, btw)


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