Ab tho aadat see hai muchko aise jeene main…

As usual, I am the latest in adopting a band to be good. But then, personally I think that I am utmost critical about something and then absolutely fall in love with the same thing to dump it when I fall in love with another thing. Yea crazy some may say, but moron, this is _MY_ blog!! Read it or leave it ;-)!

Anyhoo, what I came to say about Jal after making it a blog title is that they are GOOD. I think for the first time, in Hindi, they have captured the emotions of loss with a rock venture. They remind me of Strings a bit, but not so happy happy. They are GOOD!

I love two of their songs a lot – Aadat, Bikhra Hoon Main and Lamhey [well that made it three]. But I don’t like the Bollywood versions of the song, except for Aadat’s “dhinin dhanan dhann” vocals at the crescendo!

Anyhoo, was having a convo with D[name hidden] y’day at the cafeteria. And A[name hidden] asked D as to what she perceives about me. She was not that keen in answering the same. After some coaxing, came the reply that she thinks I am kiddish and immature. Hehe. She did not wanna tell me that, not realizing the fact that it’s really a compliment as far as moi is concerned. I mean, here I am being called an Uncle by street urchins and for a moment she was an angel there, calling me kiddish and immature.

Yes, I DO know that they aren’t complis, but hey lemme remind ya, MY BLOG ;-)!

How, I would love to just go back the years and get back to school. [No, i do NOT wanna sound old]. But, I wanna enjoy the carefree life wearing what ya want, doing what ya wanna do and get away with it, coz well you are a kid!! No emotional feelings, no love shove, no crap from others, no jealousy [well except if someone had a better Leo toy car or a GIJOE action figure or something], no envy, no racism, no boy-girl rels! Man, life was awesome. All ya needed was a group o pals and you could just ENJOY maadi!!

Add to that list of rants, the latest – watch what you say, and think before speaking. I mean, that is tough man. I tried hard for 4 weeks and am ready to give up right about now. I cannot THINK before I speak. It’s like a spinal reaction to me. I just blab!! I personally think that it’s something like a mental block. Ar[name hidden] thinks otherwise tho. He thinks that it’s a good thing that I do not think when it comes to speaking. He thinks that it’s an innate ability. At the same time, he’s one of the guys who actually thinks and speaks!

I love the way those guys speak. It’s slow and thoughtful. It carries a lotta conviction along with the same and maybe D might classify that as mature.

This leads me to another question, being an adult male. What kinda guys do girls really like? Thoughtful, mature dudes or kiddish immature ones like me? Hoping that females other than angelic Divs read this rant, I want some answers!!

Anyhoo, life is actually amazing in spite of the fact that I continually lost TT matches y’day evening. I am NOT staying back to play TT ever again. After lunch is my best game! Another thing that I noticed, like “blogger block” is that after a brief vacation from anything you do, you return to it with a lotta zest and vigor. That really helps you to do better and learn more for the same! [If you like doing that in the first place]

Hmmm, started off with Jal and ended with questions… As usual another blog comes to an end for the simple reason that I am bored typing.

But lemme give a shot at rhyming, before I am off for sometime!

In the middle of the night
I searched in vain for a light
To reach the end of the room
And in the middle I tumbled on the broom!

The end was much in need
In this case, I just had to succeed
For if not, and I am late
It would be a smelly mess in the room m8!

Yes, I had to pee
And no, I couldn’t be carefree
I had to get there
And hope that this is just a nightmare

I reached the switch
And almost gave it a tug without a glitch
When I realised that it came off
Not the pee ya perv, but the sleep that I talked of! :-D!

Yeah, I know it doesn’t make any sense, but who cares! I just wanted to rhyme before the day moved forward :-d!!

13 thoughts on “Ab tho aadat see hai muchko aise jeene main…

  1. looks like nobody else does read this?!! 😛
    hmm……thoughtful mature kinda guys.most gals wud want tat……
    n Jal…..woh lamhey..good. aadat..also good…..one of the dudes in the band…very good! 😀
    n speak before u think….not to self……need to do tat sometimes!:-s


  2. @Divs: Hehehehe!! Yup ya got that rite ;-)!
    Hmmm, thoughtful enough?? ;-)!
    no comments on the dudes :-D!
    Me the master at that, speak before u think!! Either that or I have an amazingly fast brain :-p!!

    @ NSK: Hehehe! Yeah man, lotta people said that! But, I find the layout simply amazing!!


  3. Hi Pangu uncle

    D here.Guess wat?I take back my words.U r xtremely mature(ha ha) n sensible(Bah…..Cant resist d urge 2 mention a particular som1…he…he…..)


  4. Dude, followed a link from Mr.Wanton’s;) blog and landed here. I guess thinking before speaking does have its advantages, but may make life a bit difficult if you get stuck in the loop of thinking every thought and its consequences. You, I guess should stick to who you are. Don’t change buddy. You’ll deprive us of many a laughs if you started thinking too much 😀 just kidding..


  5. @D: You ain’t Guess?
    @Gautam: Thanks man!! Ya think I would actually change? Change is something Pangs man does impromptu rite ;-)! Heehee! Anyhoo, see ya tomorrow evening! Sidz in town… woohoo!! Let’s plan a party :-D!!


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