Things I’d be doing than this…

Hmm… there are tons! In no particular order, except for the first one!!

– Singing in a band that plays heavy metal, grunge, and other my kinda music

– Be there for mom when she feels alone

– Be there to keep Dad off his depressive vents!

– Be there for Thatha and Ammamma when they miss me

– Be there for Ro when she really needs me the most

– Debate about whether the chicken or the egg came out first

– Talk out a feminist

– Give old people company in their constant banters

– Umpire a cricket game of 4th standard kids

– Teach a lotta people lotta things that they start looking up to me as their guru!

– Study the Vedas

– Use the computer keyboard to create a symphony

– Be a broadway actor

– Sing an opera

– Be the choir master of a bunch of acapella singers

– Wonder the meaning of life

– Writing articles and reviews and other forms of criticisms

– Make really cool gadgets

– Write jokes

– Write poems

– Soak in the sun after a tiring swim

– Wear a Hawaiian shirt, straighten my hair and hang around with pretty females all day long

– Pray- Stalk a hot available female

– Photograph the subtle intricacies of life like the patterns in leaves, the cloud patterns, etc.

– Make music

– Start rapping

– Swear out loud in a crowd with them following me

– Topple the Government

– Shoot at dummies [no, I don’t like to shoot at anything that moves :-D]

– Create a blog that has over a million hits a day

– Have Bill Gates’ money

– Play a comedy role in a movie

– Get drunk- Smoke a ciggie

– Paint, sketch and doodle

– Love a person

– Have a live-in relationship

Addendum: 24 Feb 2006

– Almost forgot: Thanks for reminding dude! Play comp games over a blazingly fast Internet connection!

16 thoughts on “Things I’d be doing than this…

  1. @ Guess: A’capella is the style of singing by a group where in you don’t use any instruments, but use only vocals as part of the accompaniment.

    There are many good groups in this category! Colgate Thirteen, Rockapella! You get a dose of it by the boy bands trying to act like singers as well, but honestly they suck!!

  2. Hey pangs,u did stalk som1…….But guess thats an xperience thats gonna stalk u 4 life…Ha….Ha…..

  3. @D: Just to correct misconceptions that might be raised. No, I DID NOT STALK ANYONE… :-D!! And that experience is not gonna haunt me or stalk me :-D!! How are ya feeling after that fall of urs?

  4. Pangs,u realize u r contradicting thyself??If u did not stalk any1 how com u r talking of “that xperience”….He….he…
    As 4 d fall just grateful dat the floors did not cave in.

  5. @D: No yaar. See, i’d rather be stalking a hot female that doing what I was right then!! So no contradiction, and I am not talking about any experience, but would rather _have_ that experience :-D!!

    Heehee! Yeah, the floor saved a tremor :-D!

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