A story

I wrote this poem getting bored!!

This is my story
A silent life..
Silence it asks me
Why are you suffering this strife?

The tale of my life is a song
Through the verses of loneliness
Every wound of mine opens along
And whispers to me of this mess!

Yes, this is my story –
Of a sign not understood
Of a pain that flows.
And it whispers to me of vice, not of holy!

Helpless, I strive to reach the destination
Spending everyday in the shadow of death.
Sorrow and pain taunt me everyday at rest
Alone, every night I lull me to imagination!

Noone, no one is either close or far
My only friend is the rhythm that my heart plays at par.
Yes, Life is one that’s lived every letter
To which dreams are the vowels sewn together!

I have none near to me in the darkness of night
And, I feel, in the play of light
Lies the secret, to live life.

A wilderness of dreams is this life
Filled with prickly thorns is this life
Amongst these pricking thorns of my memory
I choose
And amongst these falling walls
I live….

Yawn! I am bored people!! Really really bored!! 

4 thoughts on “A story

  1. Tried to write something bright and funny
    Of a duck that gets bitten
    Or a carrot eating bunny!

    Came out a sad story
    Of a tired young man
    And his life, bloody and gory!

    So, I set out to write another one
    Of the birds tweeting
    Of days in the bright sun!

    Searched for an inspiration?
    Came up with beer –
    Barley water with some aeration!

    Think about it and life’s cool
    It’s warm and fuzzy
    Like soaking in the sun after a dip in the pool!

    So what is the poem about?
    I dunno yet but will try
    Will get there even after building a clout!

    Bah humbug that’s it!
    I can’t rhyme any more today!
    I’d rather be a git!

    But yippee, leaving today I am
    To a sunny place
    So I bid adieu’ Sirs and Ma’am!!

  2. I know why I wrote the previous “A story” to be so dark and blah!!

    It was because of Jal! Was listening to Aadat and Bikhra Hoon Main, two songs of loss and desperation!!

    Cool man!! Now I know why :-D!!

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