A Prayer for the Stressed!

Aaaah, so you are stressed! Welcome to the buzzword of the Y-Gen! I am talking about us people and have hopefully got the Generation correct! Anyhoo as a check, our parents were the GenX! We should be X+1 = Y Gen! Rite? I am sure now!

We are now onto the age where in we are all having a job or into higher studies, or for the lucky buggars, doing nothing and still leading a wonderful life! :-D! Anyhow apparently the word that we use the most – us GenY guys is “stress”! We are apparently really stressed! Well anyhow that’s how some moron in some moronic census got the word!

To start what is stress? Why all this sudden fascination to this word? I am sure stress has been there ever since Physics defined it or probably even before! Wasn’t stress present when Jesus was crucified? That at least represents AD! What about the slaves – those Egyptian ones – before Moses decided to part Red Sea and save ’em all? Wasn’t stress there then? So, is today’s stress worse than the ones present before it? Is it more dangerous that suddenly people started thinking about it?

What I personally feel is that stress [in the right amounts] would actually be really really useful! C’mon at least most of us work better with the right amount of stress in the environment! E.g. We study when exams are there! We work when a deadline is approaching. All provide a little bit more of stress than the normal days, when we decide to watch a movie or decide to cut classes and play with friends, right?

Hmm… that brings me to a question – is there a classification in stress called positive and negative stress? Stress that makes you feel better and stress that kinda fatigues you?

Aaah… I got yet another factor that makes a man! The amount of stress you can take and to what you attribute as stress! Now I can perceive as to why a succesful globetrotter might be stressful in a vacation and a dude with tons of money might find a job stressful!

So, is stress required or not? Hmmm, according to me, you can never really eliminate stress. You just have to remove the bad stress – the ones to which your reactions – physiological, psychological and emotional are unhealthy! Or I would say Destress Distress!

Find the ones in which you thrive and use it to your advantage! For e.g. if you find that you work the best in a slightly challenging environment where in you bring out the best in you, use it to your advantage! Generate such environments! But do a careful analysis and don’t distress yourself!!

Anyhoo, before I leave, here’s a prayer for the stressed!

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