Happy Women’s Day!

There are times when we watch the game,
And ignore when you pout the blame!
There are times when we don’t help out
And wonder about life with you without!
There are times when we don’t listen to you
Make rooms a mess and bid adieu!

There are times when we feel loved
And long for your arms with our heads bowed!
There are times when we feel cared
And thank the moment we dared!
There are times when we just want you to talk
Although we may just gawk!
There are times when we just gaze
And find you the most beautiful things in haze!

For the wonderful people that you are
For the love that you give us
For your companionship we pray
And today we all say

Happy Women’s day!!

To all the women out there! Thanks for being one!! :-)!

12 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day!

  1. oh n i really didnt like this layout….i mean compared to last its just so-so! 🙁
    Anyways…..cya later,

  2. @ Divya: Thanks buds! Yeah, I know! Prolly will shift back to Hemmingway today!! :-)!

    @ Vedz: LOL Monkey here?? Coolio!! Heehee! Yeah, that’s why I wrote the poem moron!!

    @Amma: Hey mums! Thanks for coming and posting a comment that too ;-)! Wow, you’ve really learnt to use the net :-p!! heehee!! Yeah, mommy you are defi for sure worth every bit of it!! :-)!

    @ Raji: Of course welcome thy always are Raji!!

  3. That was touching! Makes my day to know that u actually spent time and effort on something so worthwhile. 🙂 thanks, pangs!

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