Kill ’em Roaches!

Tiny antennae coming outta his skull
He passes here and there, without a mull
Never for a moment is he dull
He can be found anywhere, even in a hull

Kill ’em all i say
To decimate this scum of the earth, everyday I pray
Survives even a nuclear blast
The only thing surviving the atom bomb, the last

Takes a bite of everything
Your food, your tooth brush, your shoe, anything
And after a bite, leaves a hole
Makes me wanna squish him with a pole!

His brown wings are so ugly
Thank God he wasn’t featured with Mougli
He made me stop eating dates
For every palm seed looks like one of these mates!

Crazy roach
Was featured in a movie that was gross
Kill ’em all I say, quoting “Hetfield”
Take ’em down the drain and drown ’em, I’ll lead!

The only way to kill him is to use “Hit”(c)
But beware, he’ll melt out every bit
You could also try “laxman rekha”
To remove ’em all outta your Sony Wega

But, alas no one cares
For they are busy watching ugly hares
So, I will be busy killing these guys in pairs
And pass ’em over to the Fear Factor dares!

D wanted me to write 2 poems, one on roaches and one on squirrels! I hate roaches!! This is getting me to think! I HATE, DETEST, ABHOR snakes – the most vile scum on the good earth! I think I will try and write one on them! But, that will take some time as it will be the hate poem that I have been longing to write for quite some time! I am gonna jot down all the points that make me detest them so much!

5 thoughts on “Kill ’em Roaches!

  1. Hey Pangs

    Roaches r rather interesting….Dont know y ya hate them so much.Anywez thanx 4 d poem.Its gonna giv any1 d creeps…Hehe…G8 Work.Lukin 4ward 2 ur next effort on snakes….Ugh!


  2. eeeww!!
    I hate cockroaches!! absolutely disgustin things….
    Cant imagine goin back to bio labs….i cut open abt 4 roaches durin my for my 12th zoology lab exam!!
    anyways this was a good read! 😀
    TC n enjoy ur weekend


  3. @ Deepti: I dunno how you classify them as interesting! Acc to me they are but scum of the earth :-D!!

    @ Divs: Hehehe! I agree, altho, i never took bio for the very thought of cutting ’em up is disgustin!!


    I just hate em dude!!!
    eyyuck..worst part is -> they have taken a liking to my flat and we’ve got hoardes having a wild party every night when the lights go out!!!! booooooooohooooooo!!


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