Sports Galore!

This weekend saw some of the best sporting action I have seen in quite some time! The F1 season is back with a flourish! Many rule changes, including a damn confusing qualifying! I kinda agree with sukhi! Damn Friggin Mad Max! But anyhoo, gives many loopholes, which teams like Ferrari and Renault are gonna blow wide open to beat my fav team – McLaren! Why McLaren? Well coz of Kimi and McLaren always has been the better car, in terms of speed and pickup in ANY F1 season, save for the last to last!!

This season is gonna be awesome! That much I can assure you! And again, this time, Kimi has ALL the chances to finish 1st! Isn’t it kinda evident by his last place start and 3rd place finish? That man can drive! If Kimi joins Ferrari next year and Schumy is still with Ferrari, I can assure you, maybe just maybe, I may support Kimi for the driver’s championship!

And the other huge record breaking sporting event? Aaah, CRICKET, the Indian National pastime! Worst part – watching Australia v South Africa!

Reason: Record breaking score set by Australia for SA to chase – 434/4 in 50 overs

An unchoked SA, kicked ass and left Ponting stumped when they broke the highest total in an ODI [One Day International] to 438 with a ball to spare! Australia were just overwhelmed by the chase! I mean Ponting had to play the sportsman and not the bitch and give Herschey [Herschelle Gibbs] the Man of the Match award for his 175 off just 100 odd deliveries!!
sukhi tho disagres with me here! I think this was indeed one of the better matches seen by many!

Yes, cricket is about batting AND bowling AND fielding. This match had a lotta batting, evident of course by the humongous record breaking scores posted by both the teams!

It had average bowling, where in about 13 wickets fell in the whole match!

It did have a fair amount of fielding! Most of the wickets were catches and some fairly good at that [Eg. Mike Hussey’s catch during the suddent onslaught of the Aussie bowlers, rather the sudden depression in the batting of South Africa]

The nailbiting finish just added to the whole package! Yes, maybe NOT THE best match in history, but for sure one of the good ones rite?

And yeah, in football, Man Utd. kicked New Castle Utd’s ass!! Yippee overall, really happy with what happened over the weekend!

On another note, I have registered to take my GRE on the 9th of May! Lord help me in studying the wordlists and prepping for this gruesome tryst in front of me! Will most probs be buying a laptop in a month as well!!

5 thoughts on “Sports Galore!

  1. hehe..right said fred! in fact it was ironic, cos u see, i’d gone all the way to tvm..and i ended up being glued to the tv watchin some fantastic sport action! something i cud have done right herein Blore..hehe…but i’m not complaining!

    (tho Rooney shud have got 5) 😐

  2. Guru,

    The match probably made for good watching say 20 overs into SA innings – cos then, you were expecting to see a close match and close matches are ALWAYS good.

    But “greatest” match? No I dont think so. Just record breaking scores (and chase) dont cut it, for me.

    Which is why WC semi-final was different – and it was a great ODI, surely.

    1. It was, arguably, for the World Cup. SA and Aus were the 2 best sides out there beyond a doubt.
    2. It had great bowling, gutsy batting, and fielding. The pitch wasnt totally oriented towards either batting or bowling.
    3. “You just dropped the World Cup, mate”.
    4. The teams had their best competing out there (including Allan Donald, the batsman!:D).

    On f1, I wouldnt jump outright to say if its gonna be a heck of a season. Primarily because teams have a way of flattering to deceive at the start of the season.

  3. @ stan_da_man: Yo dude! Hehehe! I know, but as long as you didn’t miss it, it was just fine ;-)!

    @ sukhi: Hey I agree, NOT the greatest MATCH, but comes quite close yaar! Yup, semifinals is indeed one of the best, but then, THE BEST is quite subjective to personal choices rite? So, prolly indiainfo just thought this was the greatest matches they had seen!

    I agree with you tho wrt the “ethos of cricket” factor where in the batting, bowling and fielding needs to be at play! However, you forget that people kicking Aussie ass in cricket just gives a good feeling to any other cricket playing country ;-)! Hehehe!

    But, yeah I do agree NOT THE GREATEST match!! :-D!

  4. oh I loved it that aussie ass got kicked. I was so pissed that I couldnt watch their ass getting kicked, but, I still wonder if it was not an anglo-saxon match, would it still be called the greatest? Or would the perennial things about “batting paradises” come into play?

    I think the latter would have happened.

  5. Hmm, I think India has kinda made its mark in the International cricket as a side to match! I am sure that if India or for that matter, even Kenya or Zimbabwe were involved with themselves and any other 3rd world country, the match would have been glorified!!

    Batting paradises might come into play as far as help from the wicket goes. I mean, the pitch SA and Aussies played were also batting paradises!! Else, such an amassment of runs is just impossible!

    But I am still happy that aussie ass was upset at the end of it :-D!!

    Eagerly looking forward for the World Cup!!

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