Deepest Sender!

It’s kinda interesting! I was just checking out what all I can add to Firefox to make it as useful as Flock and still be able to use the Live! Bookmarks and Sage Feed Reader and be away from tagging and saving your bookmarks!

So, I came across this – Deepest Sender! This extension for Firefox will help you blog into any Live Journal|Wordpress|Blogger! Thus, not needing you to actually go to and then login and then further click on New Post and blah blah! It’s as simple as “Ctrl+ \” and there ya start bloggin!

Try it! I would give it probably a rating of 7/10 for the ease of use, as it does take some time getting used to the interface and the menu! But, once that is done, it’s a breeze! I just removed Flock from my computer as this is the best thing out there, other than of course the UI, which is just mind blowing!!

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