Over ze weekend!

What’s up with the news channels and sports news channels today? The glory days wherein the sport was more important than the transcient player is gone! And the Indian media are experts at nullyfying promising talent by hyping about their performances! I mean, comon man! Leave ’em alone! Why this outcry? It’s because of the ephemeral nature of form, building up someone’s ego and then DROPPING them like a hot pan!

The Indian media has glorified SO many people, I have lost count! I mean, just during the Paki ODIs, SriSanth was on a roll, so what happened? Sri Santh was hyped up and pepped up! Now it’s Munaf Patel, and SriSanth is totally outta the pic! I mean, chillax people!

The media has suddenly taken to gloryfying Dravid, but then again, Indian media rarely learns from its mistakes! It gives a wary sense that not much NEWS is being broadcasted these days!Consequently, the media is sensationalizing everything they get! So, the current cricket captain of India is reaching his 100th test… and BOOOM, there is a huge hullabahoo about it! Hehehe! Dravid better watch out! Sukhi’s observations were interesting, but then again people make mistakes and they have to learn about it! It’s when they Don’t learn that they are termed hard headed and assholes!

Dravid is kinda more of the learner! He DID of course learn from his mistakes everytime out on the field and is the single sole reason that he is the WALL! So some credit does lie into him! And of course, he gels well with ze Coach, Greggy!!

Well, the weekend was kinda nice! L’s mom and sis had come into Bengaluru [or is it Bengaluroo]! Did some studying, over the wordlists, catching glimpses of
-> India v England – where in yet again, India is edging towards a draw
-> Movies: Agent Cody Banks
Can’t Hardly Wait
Some more… which I can’t remember!

Sad News: Kimi crashed into the sidelines after a brave, yet stupid maneuver to overtake just at the 2nd corner in the 2nd race for this season at Sepang, Malaysia!

Thank God, that there are 16 more races left! Renault looking strong [and I hate it 🙁 ] and Ferrari didn’t even make a podium finish [Yippee ;-)] It’s time they learnt that there are other people out there!

Impressive to note was the new guy – Nico Rosberg. That guy can drive and at times reminds me of the aggressive style of racing I so associate with Hakkinen and Kimi! I am sure that McLaren is looking out for him prolly for the next year. And yet another thing that impressed me – the Williams-Cosworth combo is definitely working better than the Williams-BMW!

Hats off to Button as well! Honda is definitely looking for Barichello to perform as well! I think barichello maybe having some trouble adjusting to the new car!!

Ferrari having automatic wing adjustment for better aerodynamics? Have to see what’s happening out there! Wonder what those guys are upto these days trying to cheat? I know a bit early to judge them, but c’mon I am pissed that Kimi is out! :-(!!

Overall, a productive interesting weekend! I got myself an HPM-70 finally! So, my phone is now totally rigged up!! I mean just connect my Philips headphones to it and wowee, check out the sound that my phone is giving me :-)!! Really cool!

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  1. (3rd attempt at posting the damn thing. Would be very pissed if this doesnt go thru.)

    Well, The chassis, the Cosworths and the Bridgestones are going good for Williams, although Cosworths dont seem too reliable.

    Might be a 5 horse race, this time. Would be fantastic if that turns true. Renault seem to be leading this one though.

    Why do ppl target Ferrari? And why are some people such sore losers? Its Renault who were/are under FIA inspection, but Ferrari are the butt of everyone’s finger pointing. Its like that team cant/shouldnt come back. strange.

  2. Hmm, anything wrong with the WP server that’s so “human”?? ;-)! Hehe!

    Yeah, I do agree that Ferrari mite be at the butt of all the brunt out! But, the thing is at least with me, for one simple reason – that McLaren needs the drivers and the constructors this time!! Personal choice :-D!!

    Yeah the link was indeed interesting, eagerly awaiting the results!!

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