Screwed!! Big time!!

Damn, today is officially the worst day of my life! First I realised that the girl I had a crush on is married! And to cheer me up, I decided to update my phone with the latest firmware and then what happens, aaah well it decides to restart itself every 5 minutes! I dunno what the people are so praising the new firmware by Sony Ericsson – the R1BC002! It reminds me of what Gautam told me – Don’t try to repair something that ain’t broken!

But F*** today man!! I hate it completely! I feel like thrashin out by joining a boxing match and kicking some ass [please consider it as an honest dream]! GRRRR…. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Sony is gonna get it this time, if I don’t find a fix for it by the end of the day! Well, I didn’t! Now I have to pack up and carry the phone back to the service centre!! Grrrr X-(!

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  1. Hehe!! Thanks Vivek!! Your first comment eh!! Nice!! :-)!

    Yeah I have kinda accepted that I am not gonna have my phone for 2-3 days from the day I am able to hand it over to the service station! :-D!!

    Aah, but the incongruencies of life!! Trysts with fate lead to the same twists :-D!!

    Anyhoo, enjoy maadi!! And thanks once again!!

  2. Sony Ericsson rocks on phone and GUI design. but it has issues, hear ya man. their phones have firmware issues, often.

    btw if ur official worst day just involves a crush on a married chick and phone’s hardware sucking, what’s ur good days like?:-P

  3. I agree, that’s why I went for the K750i!! It was simply amazing! And it still is!! But the thing is that they have to provide an option to downgrade the firmware! And the least thing is that they should at least provide the explanation as to why such problems occur!

    Another complaint that I have is that the accessories for the same are not so easily available! I had to wait for 3 months to get the HPM-70 handsfree that I got finally last week!!

    Hehe, good days are awesome dude! ;-)!

  4. Heh.
    You got the k750 eh? I got its Walkman brother the w800i. 😀
    Havent tried a firmware upgrade though. Depend too much on the darn phone to take that risk.

  5. Which firmware are you running right now? Press > * < < * < * to find it out! You should NOT be running the R1N035x firmware! As long as you are not running that, you are safe, else you will have USB data transfer issues!!

    The W800i is a good model! I would have gone for that, if only they would have provided another livery for it! Else, the white and orange sorta gives me the creeps!! :-D!! A black + orange skin would have hit the sweet spot ;-)!!

  6. It's the joypad of the cell! > = right joystick movement, <= left joystick movement! * is obviously the keypad one!

    Hmmm, check your firmware! If you don't have any USB transfer issues, you either have the firmware before R1N035 or the one after R1N035, since both have no USB data transfer issues! However, please note that firmwares since R1N035 have upgraded their camera software version to 4.5, which make for better refresh rates of the camera sensor, giving sharper images and much improved videos! So, make sure you have the version after R1N035!

    And with the latest firmware, that is the R1BC002, they have even removed the delayed image capture. If you'd noticed, the picture that used to be taken was a slightly delayed one after the sound of the shutter is heard! They have removed those issues plus all USB related issues as well! Anyhoo, 2 of my friends who managed to update are extremely happy with the latest one!

    Meanwhile, my phone is NOT taking the latest firmware! So the service centre guys are trying to get a patch from delhi for the same and will try to flash my phone with that today! If that also doesn't work, they said they'll replace the motherboard! Anyhoo, hopefully, I get my phone back today, else I am going to get completely bored over the next few days!! Grrr…

    Meanwhile, lemme know if I should post an article on how to flash your phone, although there are millions of articles out there! Probably a first hand experience might help some people out there! Will do that today or tomorrow!! 

  7. well, either u have a totally different thingy going on there, or my phone doesnt get characters out for joystick movement. (even after removing shortcuts)
    I think u should post an article yeah.

  8. No, see it doesn't show characters on the screen! Match the movement with the symbol as in –
    > would mean move the joystick right
    < would mean move the joystick left

    Yup, I will write up the article by tonight!

  9. hey guru,sorry about your crush n your phone.I recently updated my k750i(had my fingers crossed,those 4 hours it took for upgrading felt like a knee surgery for me) n luckily SEUS installed R1CA021 for me, i was expecting R1B…I was so chuffed.I had R1AA.. before,Anyhoo, i tried to play smart and update my friends W800i and for some reason, SEUS keeps saying error in application.I think its a firewall issue with my ISP or something coz other sites, I am still able to dload things from preety quick.Anyway The new firmware(R1CA021) is kool,havent noticed any probs yet.Keep up the good work
    Sid from Bangladesh!!

  10. Danke for sharing the experience man!! :-)!! Happy for ya. Me still stuck with my R1BC002… IT’s going good, so, not gonna fix something that ain’t broken :-D!!

  11. R1BC002 is also ok.I want to buy a w810 coz i luv the black n orange combinition but the w810 is still so expensive(US$430)I am waiting for the price to come down,I just also luv the way W810s screen is slightly bigger and less inverted but i hate the fact that the damn phone doesent have a camera cover?R u planning on an upgrade Guru?If yes,which one?Personally I think W810 or K810 is the answer,The W900 is huge(bricklike even) so I dont see any better options?Sid from Bangladesh!

  12. Dude, I just checked out the W810i y’day here. It’s awesome. Amazing even. Yes, even I was taken aback by the fact that it doesn’t have a lens cover.

    Maybe SE just decided that the lens covers triggering the cam on and off is JUST not the way to go about it :-D!

    If I upgrade, I am not thinking about it rite now as K750i is still my awesome phone, I can only think of the K790. I am ready to wait for it. The cam with the Cybershot technology + the walkman features + extendable memory would definitely make it the phone that I would go for :-D!!

    Whaddya think of that?

  13. If u can afford it,WHY NOT?as for me,I am sticking with my moto v3i, strictlty for its sexy look,512mb memory card and the fact that i hacked it and made it way way better than b4 and my trusty SE k750 for its increadale camera and sound. I hate the fact that I cant hack/mod my SE like I could hack my moto.Hacking the moto v3i has made it so much faster,Mp3 sound louder(still behind K750 Tho)It would be fun to mod the K750 as well. I also really like the way the w800s camera lens cover opens and its joystick cover,2 things which make the K750 fall behind coz the joystick aqquires dirt and the lens cover gets scrathed easy. Lets see what the K790 has in store.
    Sid from Bangladseh

  14. Btw, checked out the K790 – looks awesome, but crappy phone. W810i still rules the roost, especially with them moving away from the joystick design. Works well for the guys like me who sms quite a lot and manage to screwup the joystick design!!

    Hmmm, I didnt know that the Razr V3i was so easy to crack and hack :-D!!

    Nice to know that. But, the w810i ROCKS big time dude!! :-)!!

  15. Do you guys know of any good software to hack into the w810i? I’d love to change the icons and stuff, I try using “far” but it still doesn’t show the hidden files.. I have Themes Creator for all the background stuff, but I’d love to control fadeouts and ins of the keypad, lengthen the screen saver time, and stuff like that. I would also like to make my own ringtones or just use an mp3.. All sorts of stuff like that. I know Motorolla Razors have tonns of stuff like that, but are there enough people hacking the sony w810i’s? 🙂

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