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There are some things that I want to write about, but can’t right now for the wont of time! I am kinda busy with some work, GRE preps and solving all the previous Sudokus and crosswords! Aaah, but yeah, I have to write about

-> A bachelor’s room
-> The censor board’s decision on stopping “raunchy” videos of “remixes” and the industry’s comments on that
-> How to update your Sony Ericsson phone firmware
-> The negligent, uncaring, attitude of the Salora International – the Sony Ericsson Service centre in Koramangala, Bangalore [big rant!!]

First up, the rant on Salora International!!

For all people who own a Sony Ericsson phone in Bangalore, please try and avoid the Salora International Service Centre people at Koramangala next to the police station, just opposite the National Games Village! Those buggers don’t know the basics of customer service! Right from my first tryst with them, I have had bad experiences!

Punctuality – their forte
First of all, it runs like a Government office! Starts at 10 and they close shop by 5! And guess what? Even if you get there at 5:05pm, they won’t take it! And for people like me, who have to bear the brunt of getting to K’mangla leaving office early at 4pm, catch an auto, pay Rs. 100 and get there at 5:05pm, they won’t make an exception to their NOT taking any phone after 5:00pm [1700hrs] on the dot. It’s as if the phone might catch some virus or they all will be eradicated from the face of earth if they take a phone after 5:00pm!

Customer Care – their USP
If you do manage to get to their office, during their office hours, it’s a huge acheivement! I don’t know what you gave up to do that! I have managed to do that only on a Saturday! Bless Siemens that they follow a 5day week! Then, comes to waiting in the line, listening to other guys bicker about the bad service! Every single one is frustrated with the place! You meet the b**** of a receptionist[well actually more of the person who takes apart your phone] with a perpetual frown on her face! You try to explain the phone’s situation to her and she asks you to summarize the problem!

E.g. A typical conversation

Customer: Hi! How are you? [It’s with much difficulty that it doesn’t start with – WTF are you guys running here?]

Her: [with a frown on her face] What’s the problem? And then she shouts at the top of her voice to the male receptionist as to what the hell is he doing NOT asking the customers to take a seat and give a token

Customer: I am sorry, but can you please not shout in my face [when he wanted to say: Shut the hell up! Are you blind? Can’t you see that I am standing in front of you?]

Her: What’s the problem now? I don’t have all day for you to begin!

Customer: Well, I don’t know exactly but my phone seems to have stopped responding! The joystick buttons are not functioning properly! Would you care to check it up with your service technicians?

Her: [Grabbing your dear phone from your hand and handling it roughly! Then she dismantles it like a crappy toy] Here are your sim, memory card, and battery! I will get this checked up! Call by Monday evening to check up! Please gimme your contact number!!

Customer: [You won’t be able to contact me in my cell number now! As you have practically dismantled it, and not provided with a stand-by cell have you? Anyhoo, calming himself down] Please note the daytime number of mine, XXXXXXXX

Her: Well, we won’t call you after 6:30pm anyway [As if they are going to notify me that my cell has been repaired]

So, why would you wanna put yourself through this hell? Well, it’s kinda simple! They are the only service centre, which is remotely close to where I stay! The other places are too far off and I can’t get there fast enough to give my phone to the service center. Furthermore, I don’t think, I will be able to calm myself down there after spending time, effort and money to get there and be treated like shit!

I have written to Sony Ericsson, saying that their customer service NEEDS to improve! But, no response from them, and NO change in the Salora International Service as well! I have had to go there twice [3 times, if you include the time I was literally chucked out without even being given their contact number], and all 3 times, I have wanted to just rip apart the characters there and kick some butt and ask them to shape up!!

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  1. Oh yeah! The reason most probably must be grime that is stuck on to the bottom of the joystick and hardened!! Well, at least that was the case for me!

    No probs! They replace it for free, but they play with you man! They seriously play with ya!!


  2. My experience with Sony Ericsson K700i phone was a good one.
    But the only major problem I am facing is, there are no authorised good service centre just as Nokia
    Its a big backward point.
    Hey, if you guys know some good sony ericsson service centre in Mumbai pls do let me know


  3. Hey Smitha!

    Yup! Generally the Sony phones are really nice. However, the only thing they have a terrible service problem!! I have sent off many mails to them, and still, no response and no better service at least in the one service centre that I have been to [thrice] in Bangalore.

    Go to the Sony Ericsson India site, and there is a list of service centres throughout India. Anyhoo, here are the list of Mumbai Service Centers of Sony Ericsson

    Accel Icim Frontline Limited
    Sony Ericsson service location
    A-2,Jitendra Estate, Opp.Sangam Talkies, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (East),
    400093 Mumbai (Andheri -East)

    Continental computers
    Sony Ericsson service location
    11,Sitthgiri Chambers, 2nd Floor, SV Road, Opp. Inderprashtha, Borrivilli (West)
    400092 Mumbai (Borivilli)

    Sierra Mobiles
    Sony Ericsson service location
    225, Pandurang Bhawan, Lady Jamshedji Road, Dadar West, Mumbai
    400023 Mumbai (Dadar West)

    Galiakotwala Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    Sony Ericsson service location
    7, Harsha Apartments, Near Shramik Shakari Bank , Opp Sagar Park , Amrut Nagar , Ghatkopar(W)
    400023 Mumbai (Ghatkopar)

    Accel Icim Frontline Limited
    Sony Ericsson service location
    D-16 4th Floor, Commerce Centre, Tardeo, Mumbai 400 034
    400034 Mumbai (Tardeo)

    Bell Computers
    Sony Ericsson service location
    Shop No.1, Aisshwarya laxmi Apts, Opp. Namdev Wadi, Maharishi Karve Road , Thane (W)
    400602 Mumbai (Thane)

    Associated Electrical Agencies
    Sony Ericsson service location
    84, Marthanda, Dr. A.B. Road, Worli Naka, Mumbai-400018
    400018 Mumbai (Worli Naka)

    Salora Int'l Ltd
    Sony Ericsson service location
    384,Dongre Bldg, Lamingtone Rd, Mumbai,Maharashtra
    400023 Mumbai(Lamington Road)

    Accel Icim Frontline Limited
    Sony Ericsson service location
    2nd Floor, "PROGRESS HOUSE", 54, Pune Mumbai Road, Opp. Engineering College, Shivaji Nagar
    411005 Pune (Shivaji Nagar)

    Jitesh Agencies
    Sony Ericsson service location
    1548 A,Shadashive Peth Near new Vishweshwar bank,off Tilak Road
    411030 Pune (Tilak Road)

    [source: Sony Ericsson – Used for Service Locator]

    Take care!


  4. hi

    i have same problem of service of my k750i and waiting form 3 weeks and just hearing form service provider parts not avalable is there any solution to it



  5. Hi Inderjit!

    Hmmm, what is the exact problem that you are facing? The one that Sukhi has written about – the joystick getting fucked up or the one that Smitha told about – not having any proper service centers? Do lemme know.

    I can share with you the information regarding joysticks. The K750i does not have a protector thingy that the W800i has. This causes dirt and grime to enter the joystick, which on hardening, comepletely renders the joystick useless. I had to wait for about a week for it to be corrected and returned back to me.

    Yes, Sony Ericsson is notorious for _not_ having enough spare parts. I had to hunt for about 4 months until I got an HPM-70 stereo portable handsfree. So, there’s no go but to wait and fire off angry mails to Sony Ericsson.

    They should realise that they have amazing phones, however, their service centers are way beyond pathetic.


  6. Hey man
    good to c u taking up such a huge project maintaing this site n providinh constant feedback,Keep it up!!!I have a SE p910i and i just bought the amazing K750i n luckily i got the R1AA08 firmware with it n i dont think i need to upgrade.My only prob is i live in Bangladesh where like where u live,Its a dusty and hubid enviroment.I want to prevent my joystick from getting screwed,any suggestions?+if it does get screwed,what shud i do?pls reply Thx


  7. Hmm… suggestions suggestions… Well, personally, I think the best way is to protect it from the dust. If you are travelling, make sure you are protecting it by keeping it in. If there is grime/oily vapors, keep your phone away from there coz, the dust will then be collected and then hardened to form dust pellets, which will require joystick replacement.

    Third of all, try out every method and provide your comments here. It’ll be helpful for the others. Also, within the warranty period is the only time where in we can try out stuff rite ;-)! Hehehe!

    But, being lost without thephone, I have taken care also as far as the usage of the joystick goes – I make sure that I don’t unnecessarily “tap” the joystick. I prefer the keypad shortcuts to actually using the joystick around the menu. Only for absolutely necessary situations, like playing games, do I really use the joystick. Yeah in the media player as well :-D!

    If anybody comes up with any other suggestions, feel free to post or trackback!


  8. One another bugged user of SE phones. I had a terrible experience with this ACCEL ICIM service center at Vadodara-Gujarat. I find it very funny that bangalore receptionist was equally weird & unprofessional as was here at Vadodara center. Most of people complained about their service & delay in getting things done. They took almost 5 days in getting just software upgrade done on my phone. And even after that they messed up something with my ringtone speaker of J200i which now doesnot sound as good as it used to be.

    I’m myself a Management[Marketing] student & I’ve always purchased most of my products after a good time investement behind those. But was not aware that getting SE phone will be great but getting it serviced will be pathetic.


  9. Hey ..i m another unfortunate user of Ericcson phones…the Keypad of my phone stopped working suddenly & when i went to the service staiton @ Sierra Mobiles..i initally was impressed by the fact tht they wer talking nicely with me..but then i realised tht it was just a way to attract customers..whereas the fct is tht they wer good for nothing..
    they charges me 500 bucks for repairing it although my phone was in warranty by giving the reason tht it was waterlogged & hence out of warranty…i paid them but within 24 hrs it stopped working again & this time wen iwent there he flatly refused to help me out saying tht they wont provide any garantee for the repairing tht they do…this was absolutely pathetic…


  10. I honestly think that we should do a mass mailing to the customer grievance centre of Sony Ericsson. We should tell them flat outright that we buy their phones with the guarantee. Either they provide us with the necessary service, or we ditch their phones and advocate people from buying it. It’ll be a shame as their phones are so good!!


  11. Dear John – Thanks for your feedback.

    I am glad that our staff did talk to you courteously.

    Let me clarify on some points: –

    1. Water damaged handsets are difficult to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair.
    2. Repair and perfromance stability thereafter is an issue.
    3. Mobile phone PCBs are 7/14 layer PCBs with circuitry which is few microns across.
    4. Hence, in some cases, there is erratic performance /intermittent problems.
    5. In such a scenario repairs of water damaged handsets are a very uncertain activity.
    6. But inputs in terms of spares and manhours is substantial.
    7. Also in many cases the nature of the symptoms change and the repair requirements also change.

    In such a situation, it is difficult to provide any kind of warranties. This is the usual practice in the entire electronic /mobile phone repairs industry.

    It is also usual for us not to replace maximum spare parts and increase the consumer spend. A safer method is to replace parts as defects are reported.

    Hence, I would request you to kindly drop in with your handset. Maybe the issue can be resolved by changing some parts.

    Warm Regards /Anuraag


  12. Hi,
    I`m having some trouble with my K750i. All the keys have just stopped working. including the camera key, volume levels and the on / off button. Although if I remove the battery and replace it I can switch on the phone, but then can`t switch it off again. I thought this might be a firmware issue and tried updating, but as the c key does not respond I can`t. Any Ideas??


  13. hi Guru,
    Well we don’t know each other but, reading thru ur blog i was reminded of the hell like experiece I had…. but with a different servicing point in Jayanagar. What the…. looks like all the sony ericsson servicing points are just the same….

    The first day I went there (with a lot of difficulty.. first I had to go to a sony world ask them wehre is the servicing point and go thru all those confusing crosses and main… don’t find the place… go back ask few more guys abt the nearest land mark.. go there and don’t find anything.. after a lot of fight…. i had go thru a 2ft WIDE hole climb up the stairs and finally find the sercicing point).

    Well, all that was just a prick… now starts the show. I give him the phone and say dude… can u check it up.. it doesn’t start……. with out even listening to what am I saying…… that bugger shouts back.. we r closed come tomorrow…… I try to just ask him if he can take it now and let me know the problem………. u what he does??? he takes the phone from me, rips it apart… removes the battery.. and closes the phone again.. puts all the parts in my hand and says “take it like this and get it back tomorrow”… I mean WTF????? for a moment I was shocked…… what an idiot he is…….

    The next day was even more eventful. watever……. finally I managed to give him my phone…. and he was supposed to call me in two days.. u know for what???? just to let me know what has happend with the phone…… and the actual servicing starts after that…….. but i din’t get any call even now after 4 days…… and the worst part is….. i don’t have their number to call up and ask the status. Now I am afraid to go all the way there and realize that they din’t even open it and get one more blatent reply saying “its not checked……. come after a week”

    really can anything be done with these servicing points???????



  14. Well, Lara, all I can say is!! Tough luck man!! Even after calling up Sony Ericsson, they haven’t managed to change their bloody servicing conditions, and it hurts coz I really think their phones are superb.

    Unfortunately tho, I will have to stop recommending them as far as service goes!!

    I hear buds I hear ya!!


  15. To,

    Customer Care
    Salora Int’l (Unit: Sony Ericsson)

    Dear Sirs,

    Sub: Problem in K300i hand set

    I have purchased a K300i handset of your make, bearing IMEI No. 355797000967119 Battery Sl. No. 128227ISKEBP, through your dealer ‘Central Supply Corporation, 8/2 Kiron Shankar Roy Road, Kolkata 700 001’ on 08.08.2005 vide their Memo No. 508/05-06 dt. 08.08.2005.

    During begining of July’06 I started facing problem on charging the set and also unexpected hanging. There was no other problem with the set.

    As per the dealer’s advice I reached at your service centre, M/s. SALORA INTERNATIONAL LTD, 5 Commissionrate Road, Histing, Kolkata on 12.07.06. M/s. Salora received the set against complaint ID 300005407 dt. 12.07.06 with remarks; hanging problem & low battery back-up. Around 10/12 days there after they told me to sign a form since there is a water leakage problem as per their inspection.

    Initially they told that there was software problem only. However after 10/12 days when I went for taking delivery they have told that there is a leakage problem the camera is also not functioning. But the fact is that the camera was perfectly alright when I deposited the set at the service centre. The set is still at their end. I feel after few days if reach at the service centre I will hear some more problem regarding the set.

    Now they are saying that it will cost around Rs. 3500/- for repairing the set. You can well understand the quality of your set and your service personnel. You should asses the cost of set and cost of repairing. You can freely tell, ‘Donate the set’.

    Recently I found some more information through my friends and relatives that the hand set of your make generally enjoy around 4 to 6 months at your service centre or at your other offices/centres during the period of 12 month’s warranty period. Most of them have forgotten about the set and purchased the set of some other make.

    You have designed a hand set for general use. Nobody will immerge a handset purchased by him into water.

    I request you to kindly resolve the matter along with extension of warranty period, which is lost at your service centre.

    Your earliest reply and action shall be highly appreciated.

    Thanking You,

    Yours faithfully

    Sumit Kumar Dam
    Sumit Kumar Dam
    102 Gouranga Sarani
    Kolkata 700 078
    Ph. 00 91 33 2418 8622
    Mobile: 9830204547


  16. Dear Guru,

    Refer my earlier message.

    Could U please let me know whether I shall get the phone back in working condition or shall I forget about it or Some legal procedure shall be started

    Reply expected

    If U don’t have any reply, please cut your relation with Sony Ericsson. Also don’t tell their product is good.

    Best Regds

    Sumit Kumar Dam


  17. Yo Sumit Kumar Dam!

    First of all, I have no tie ups with Sony Ericsson, save for the fact that I have a K750i purchased from them and that I am a fan of their products. I agree their service is poor in India, well terribly @ it.

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion and so are you, and so am I. I still maintain that their products are really good. :-D!!

    So, well sorry about your phone dude, but I really think you should try calling Sony Ericsson Head Office or their hotline or something and fire them.

    You could also send the letter you’ve drafted as a comment to them! I am sure they’d read it.. :-D!!

    The ideal thing tho is to send a mail to Japan head office, Sony Ericsson. Sony is right now facing quite some flak from Japan Goverment owing to their “battery bombs”. Well this mite just be considered by them :-)!


  18. hi my mobile is w810i suddenly it turned off when i went for the service they told me that you have to wait for near about 7-10 days whats is this without any mobile how can anybody can stay for such a long time its really a very bad experience for me ealier i used nokia i have to say that nokia people are more consumer freindly then sony ericsson they don’t understand the importance of time.


  19. I had a very similar horrible experience with these Salora guys, 1st week of Oct 06. After great difficulty I managed to track their office and went in with my phone for repair. The receptionist asked me to go to another office of Salora after 5 Days, as they were in the process of shifting their office!!!. Even after explaining that my business would suffer if I leave the phone without repair for so many days and that it is not practical to own another phone for just a week’s use, they just would not listen. The service guy was so rude to tell that you free to go to Sony and complain and that Salora is not keen on repairing these f****all sony phones in any way. Guys …God help the sony phone holders if Salora continues to be the service provider.


  20. I had buy the mobile W300i on Oct-2, after one weak some having trouble with ringtone & mp3 is not working. I had submitted the mobile on 15_oct in Mulund complaint ID 3800 he had tell that i had send head office then i had got the mobile after 15 days then i had gone home i had check the mobile but its not okay. I had submitted the mobile on 27_oct Complaint ID 214004053. They tell that me the mobile will not be repair then i had you cannot repair just replace the mobile. The mulnd service is not giving response properly. I want to just know the mobile has come or not in your office. My dad will come today there with complaint ID proof. I want to know that it will not repair you just replace the mobile. Please just give the email ID and of head sony ericssion. Please confirm receipt of this above.


  21. @ Mahesh Iyer: Dude!! This is _NOT_ the Sony Ericsson complaint office. Although, if it were, you’d have got a call right now, saying they were sorry!! Buggers, they have treated us SE fans like scum!! Seriously, none of their marketing personnel search for their own company’s opinions in other’s eyes? SE – Hire me I will grant you some dedicated SE followers in India!!

    Your current marketing and service personnel SUCK BIG TIME!!


  22. Hi,
    Nice of you to lend a shoulder for all SE users to cry on. I have a w700i purchased barely 2 months ago. A few days back my earphones failed. The right earphone seems okay, but both volume and quality in the left earphone have dipped. My phone’s working okay (Touch wood) – the earphones are the only problem – but considering I bought the W700 for music mainly, I’m distraught. I contacted Sierra Mobiles (Mumbai-Dadar) and they conveniently passed the buck by directing me to Salora Intl (Mumbai-Lamington Road) saying that was the replacement centre, etc.
    Now considering the depressing picture you all have painted about the quality of service by Salora, I seriously NEED to know if its worth my time and effort to make the trip to Salora (I’m a dentist by profession and rather lazy by nature and the drive to Lamington Rd and back will surely take all of 4-5 hours)
    Luckily for me, the W series is geared to work with any earphones or headphones. My phone works perfectly with a pair of Creative earphones I have.
    So should I just go out and buy myself a new pair of earphones? (Definitely not Sony-Ericsson) And just dump my dud SE earphones in the garbage? Or is it worthwhile making that dreaded trip to Salora for the replacement which they have, in spirit, promised me?
    Somebody please advise.


  23. Hey Doc!!

    Are the earphones under warranty? I don’t think so. SE Accessories dont come under warranty. Anyhoo, you could always give it a shot considerng ud have invest in another pair of earphones anyway :-)!


  24. Hi Guru,
    Thanks for the very prompt response. The earphones are apparently under warranty (W700 is being sold as a walkman phone so the EP cannot be considered an additional accessory) and will be replaced according to Sierra Mobiles (although they’re not willing to do it themselves and have pushed the onus onto Salora) I’m sure you’re familiar with the W series. The earphones are part of the ‘Handsfree kit’ which is in two detachable parts. The first (more important) part is what plugs into the phone itself via the multipin plug and the other end has the EP socket. Into which the EP plugs.
    The first part also acts as the antenna for FM radio and without it one cannot use any other EP either.
    I’m worried that if Salora make me leave the entire handsfree and then take weeks or months to replace it (not to mention the numerous trips I’m now steeling myself to have to make) I won’t be able to use the handsfree, FM or MP3 player which I can currently use with any of the three earphones in my possession.
    Hence the dilemma.
    Btw can anyone tell me how to tell a fake Memory stick from the real thing. B’se I’ve got diverse quotes from two dealers. One has quoted Rs 1100 and the other 2700 for a 1GB Sony memstick Duo Pro!!!!!
    Long live Sony ericsson ( Won’t say that for salora)


  25. Yo Doc!!

    Awesome! Then I think that you should send it for repair, but anyhoo, you can always buy a temp ear phones up until they replace it anyway. :-)!

    Yup, I am fully aware of the build of the walkman ear phones. Owned one myself and faced the same problem. The in-ear pieces are beautiful, but they were too cumbersome and finicky and mine too died. All I did was put my iPod ear pieces on to it and they have been working superb ever since!! Use it in the gym, rain, negative temperatures – works fine :-)!

    I also remember I bought a duplicate phone attachment to covert it from the fast-port to the 3.5mm jack [with microphone]. It came with the crappy in-ear duplicate pieces. Just replace the earphones and you have a perfectly working handsfree as well :-)!

    Anyhoo, all ze best and long live Sony Ericsson.. Ditto about Salora :-)! All ze best!!


  26. Hi,
    How much did your ‘duplicate phone attachment’ cost? And by ‘duplicate’ do u mean ‘spare’? Or imitation? Not authentic SE?
    Also how much did u pay for the HPM-70 handsfree?
    I’m not all that tech-savvy and shall for the time being refrain from any firmware upgrades until I’ve learned something from you techies. But learn I shall. Like I learned to tinker with the innards of my PC (not without suffering some sleepless nights)
    Appreciate your quick responses


  27. Yo Doc!!

    Not a prob!! :-)!

    Mine was a “duplicate” HPM-70 attachment. The original one cost me @ that point about INR 1300. And I had to hunt for that for about 10 weeks, as SE never had put in the stock for the same. This was the time the K750i released in India. Anyhoo, now the HPM-70 handsfree is available aplenty. The original one still is quite expensive, but worth every paise of it. :-)! The in-ear pieces are just wonderful, however, the problem is that they do go bad pretty fast. Hmm, Sony seems to be taking a toll with its accessories – with the battery recall coz of Dell/Apple/IBM bombs ;-)!

    Anyhoo, what I got after I looked around was a duplicate HPM-70 adapter and headphones. Ditch the in-ear pieces – they suck!! But, the adapter is really awesome. Plug it in – plug any of ur favorite earphones and Tada – ya got a working HPM-70 handsfree [equivalent :P] and good music via ur favorite ear phones. You can even probably just buy the in-ear Sony earphones from any of the Sony showroom and I am sure they’d last longer than the ones bundled with the handsfree :-)!

    Anyhoo – all ze best!! And Don’t mention it doc – cure me sometime in case I get any ailments ;-)!


  28. i am getting the SE HPM-70 adapter at 250..but i think it must be dupliate…shall i go for it? Please, Guru can tell me that, is there any big diff between earphone @ 250 and one @ i will be using it with my PC only to listen music.


  29. The 250 bucks one is a major rip-off as far as the ear pieces go. However, the adapter works just fine and the mic is of a decent quality. Consequently, if you are using ur own good – quality earphones along with the HPM-70 adapter, invest in the 250. However if u are planning to use the in-ear pieces provided by the original HPM-70, then you have to go for the original ones dude!! They rock!!

    There’s a world of difference b/w the 250 one and the 1500 one as far as sound quality goes :-)!

    Note: Please do not in-ear pieces/ear phones to listen music from ur PC! They are really bad for your ears. Invest in a good-quality headphones. They are definitely better for your ears in the long run!


  30. Headphones – what I used to use – Philips – they are simply amazing!! I have heard good reviews for – Sony as well. Check it out!! They must be available in ur media shops – Landmark, etc…


  31. Hi

    I Have Sony p900 Which Is old by 2 yrs the problem is with the battery which discharge within 2 to 3 hrs

    Please suggest nearest service center & resale Value for that phone

    Contact details
    Nerul Navi Mumbai
    Mob 9833830902


  32. Mine was a Sony Ericsson K508i. Bought it when it was launched, which was a mistake, now I feel.
    Within 7 months it developed problems – While talking there is only one way voice, battery problems, the display goes bad and disappears at times.

    Took it to the service centre in Bangalore, near Wockhardt hospital. (Not Salora.) They are worse than Salora ppl. The receptionist had a constant frown, they tok the cell, returned in 10-15 days.
    In another 3 days the same problems came back. Never to give up, took it back there itself. This happened 4(FOUR) times!!! and finally it wouldn’t even turn on.

    Then I bought a Nokia cell. Been using it for almost a year, with not a single problem. Great service.

    I was a gr8 fan of Sony Ericsson, but now I never recommend it to anyone.


  33. guys i have a Nokia now.. was planning to buy the K790i in a couple of days.. read bout a problem with restart when extra memory is used on the phone.. how true is this..


  34. Salora International Ltd., the company that markets the Sony handsets in India has not given their contact address and telephone, fax numbers on their website in order to avoid consumer complaints.

    If you have fax number of Sony, please inform us at


    I had given my mobile (SONY-ERICSSON w810i model) for servicing on 8th dec’06 to Accel frontline (Garage-de-telecom)service centre for Sony-ericcson in Chennai.

    But till now a month has passed, and I have not recd. my phone back nor they are giving any satisfactory answer. I am made to run pillar-to-post and no one is ready to respond clearly or take responsibility and tell me that he/she will take action . After getting frustrated with contradictory replies I had contacted call centre on 18th dec’06 . At call centre also they are not able to give proper answer. I am always told to contact again after few days to know the `status’ !

    Can somebody tell me how to tackle this harassment.
    In my last phone they did the same thing till warranty date expired .after that they refused to service. SONY-ERICSSON design for charging unit is Faulty. This is second phone I had from sony-ericsson and face the same problem. My Brother and some of his friends also bought and were forced to do rounds of service centre within a month.


  36. I have a panasonic mobile which I need to get repaired.

    Can someone tell me if there are any service centres of panasonic in around prabhadevi?

    alternatively is there any customer care number i can call?


  37. I recently purchased a SE W950i and now I am realising that I have made an error. There is no recourse if the unit develops fault.
    My last phone was Nokia N70 and it developed fault within a week of purchase. Nokia , Mumbai arranged for replace of the handset.


  38. I had also given my set for repairs to Salora International due to a minor problem, Noida but they had demanded Rs. 2,000/- saying there is a leakage of the liquid. I thought it is better not to give away rather than shell out Rs. 2,000/- for a Rs. 4,500/- set.


  39. Hi, I have purchased a sony ericission Z300i seven months back. In these days the charger of the same is not functioning. Please advise me the nearest service centre’s name address along with contact No.

    Sd/- shyam


  40. HI Guru,
    I own a Sony Ericsson W810i…………. The display got cracked by falling on the floor…… I was planning to go to Salora Lamington Road……. After reading this blog i’m really worried of approaching them.
    My mobile is under warranty period…. but when i approached “Continental computers – Borivali” they told me that it won’t come under warranty becuase it is mishandled… and they dont take complaints which is not under warranty and they directed me to Salora… Now i’m totally confused. Can u help me in providing some private repairing center for sony ericsson where i can change my LCD Display without approaching these unprofessional people…..

    Thanks in Advance,
    Sanjay Kumar


  41. Salora International (Koramangala shifted to some unknown place now) – the Assholes

    My sony ericsson flash light which i bought as accessory with my K750i last year…is with the buggers from start of Jan, 07…my guranteee is already over now by Feb end but i dint receive the flash light till now.

    Staff is fully casual and take no response of my repeated calls.
    i am seriosly thinkin to put a complaint in consumer’s forum….
    if you are the another victim and want to be with me against those f***ers then mail me at


  42. I have purchased sony ericsson K-750I.

    The problem was only with memory card ie., it is not readable by phone. Thats all. Rest all ok such mp3, camera, battery, incoimg/outgoing , video, stills, every thing.
    iam v.busy man having lots of responsibility doing marketing job.
    After one month i desided to take this phone to authorised sony service center (accel – coimbatore).
    They checked and told me Rs.350 will be charged for rectifying the mobile.
    my mobile is under Guarantee. so i refuse to pay money.
    After that i dont know what they think. and told me my mobile got water entry. and will cost. i fighted with them at last they says to me, to take back the mobile. since am not accepting the water entry problem.
    they forsed me to sign in the agreement since there is no other sony service center in coimbatore.
    At last i signed the agreement thinking the charges will be only Rs.350/- and ofcourse i need only sony people will handle my mobile.

    After 7 days accel given my mobile back as dead condition.

    my got i can’t belive this. and i argued………………………

    they told i signed the agreement. and in that agreement there is a line ” if any think happen in mobile during the service sony service is not responsible” what is this this is sony ‘s service policy.

    if any higher authority reading this pl i requesting give my mobile as it is condition or if they really provide good service pl give me replacement……thanks,.

    sents so much mails to customer care but reply is coming “pl wait” …………….

    just so far waiting for their replyyyy……….

    am not getting reply………….
    what to do you suggesting to me kindly give suggesion yaarrrrrss…….


  43. Hi,

    Can anyone give me the venue/contact no. of sony erricsson service station in Bangalore.

    Thanks in Advance,


  44. ha.. Salora folks from koramangala have moved and nobody in that building know where they went(Or they dont wanna say)!!

    I have w800i and I have a terrible problem with my joystick.




  46. Finally.. I got the address of Salora who had moved from Koramangala to HSR Layout..
    Salora International Limited (International???)
    1st floor, blue moon, 388,
    9th Main, Sector VII,
    HSR Layout Bangalore – 560034




  48. Dear Sir / Madam

    This is to draw your kind attention that I Dwaipayan Chakraborty purchased a Sony Ericsson handset – Z550i on 17/03/2007 with the IMEI # as 354943011670711 , Serial # as CB510G8HPM from Global Access , Bangalore – India. From the second or the third day of purchase I noticed that the sub display LCD light on the flap sometimes doesent glow when the call comes, along with the callers phone number . Though in the settings I have made it as – connecting the call as soon as I should open the flap ,but the call also dosent get connected at that particular time. I visited the nearest authorised service centre (Compcare Services) with this problem . After hearing everything they told me that its an issue of software upgradation and they took the phone from me to do the same on 12/05/07 under Job Card # ASKN/BL-CS/10240 and did the needful. Unfortunately the next day only, I faced the same problem as before and again I visited the same service centre on 17/05/07 and they logged the complaint under the job card # ASKN/BL-CS/10318. They did the Software Upgradation for the second time. The same day after coming from the service centre I faced the same problem. Later I decided to go to the main head office of the sevice centre at Cunningham Road, Bangalore (ACCEL FRONTLINE LIMITED). They took my set (JOB CARD # BLR-SE-175531-CP)and assured me that they will do the needful. The next day they called me up and said that they have repaired the set and they have replaced the FLEX CABLE (Part # AP004064) . But this time also nothing happened . I am still facing the same problem.

    Sir,can you please let me know for how many times more shall I have to visit the service centre of Sony Ericsson all over here in Bangalore? I would like to request you to please do the needful for the replacement of the set. To tell you frankly I am having a very bad experience with a product of such a branded company. Please do the needfull as soon as possible or I am handing you the set and do sell it off to somebody but I dont need a defective set like this. Lastly but not the least I dont know what sort of engineers do these service centres do have.


    Dwaipayan Chakraborty


  49. oh my god!! i just got a k810i.. it has a joystick, the most dreaded thing about SE phones.. hope it works worth the money… 🙂


  50. my sony ericsson K 750I is not getting switched on pls let know the good servicing center in bangalore


  51. Hi

    I have a W700i whoch has been working pretty fine untill few days back when i updated the firmaware thru the update service. My f/w has been updated to ther verison R1DB001. However, it appears to be more of a downgrade as the sound quality has really deteriorated. At first i thought there is some probelem with my fon but when i checked up some forums on the net i realised this a bug faced worlwide with this f/w version.

    I have been writing to the CC but havent recieved any response. The customer care helpline dont seem to even understand my problem & Salora is totally helpless as they dont even have the old version, just in case if someone wants to roll back to the old firmware.

    I am an ardent fan of SE fons but the SE service is pathetic. Does someone have a solution to my firmware problem??



  52. Gave my W550i to the Salora guy at HSR and my life just turned upside down. The mobile was not starting up. I always had this problem where my mobile used to restart every now and then. But it finally stopped working and failed to boot up. Now I am told the camera and side speakers are gone and so is the hinge. I need to shell out 2.5k. Ridiculous. All those were working just before it failed to boot up. Looking at similar troubles others had, I know it is a firmware issue and sony have come up with an updated firmware which fixes this issue. But these Salora guys… Buggers.. robbing me in broad daylight. I’ll go for a nokia instead of getting this phone repaired.. screw sony.. screw salora..


  53. Hi
    i ma having sony ericssopn k-700i model. From last 3 months my mobile joystick has some problem in the way that it was rotating with very great effort and from last 2 days it was completly useless.

    please let me know the contact no of cervice centre in Andheri (E)

    MY CELL NO 98192 11515


  54. I have K300i phone. Now the Joystick of phone is not working at all. I want to know the service locations in mumbai as well as what will be the cost of this repair of joystick (in sony erricson galary)….


  55. Hi I have purchased Sony K790i mobile recently but within two months there occured a problem of blank display. I gave it to authorised service center in Bangalore “Sony Compcare” , inspite of it under warranty they told that warranty will not be given considering that as water damage. I agreed to give the money for the repair also but after keeping the mobile for around 1 and a half month they returned it back saying that it cant be repaired.
    That shows the inexperience of the technicians over there. Where the customer will go if they are not giving even paid support. Big shit is the sony services. I am trying to get some authorised service center in Mumbai and get it repaired. But if I dont get support here also I will surely escalate the issue and will make people aware of the services provided by Sony.

    I am really worried about people who have or who are planning to buy Sony Mobiles.

    If people from Sony are reading this blog, I want them to take some action to make services atleast to meet a little of customer satisfaction.

    You can write me @



  56. Service center of SONY ERRICSON IN mumbai vashi is at :

    Bsel tech park, A wing, 1st floor shop no.108
    opp vashi railway station ,
    vashi navi mumbai 400703.




  57. Hi,

    thanks for giving a shoulder to cry for all the SE buyers.
    I have a rare 608i ( bought in emergency!). Good phone, feature wise. Had problem of sudden switch offs and joy stick, rest everything was OK. Gave it to Smart care, the sony service agents, in Jayanagar. After 22 days (lots of running around included) they returned it in completely dead condition. On protesting they are now directing me to go to Accel Frontline at cunningham road, which is their head office.

    Thsese guys are as useless as Salora, i think. Is there any use in persueing the case? or i should just forget it and by another make, a Nokia may be. The phone was under warranty when I first approached them two months back. Now the warranty is over……


  58. I have 3 nos of P990i. However in one of them the charger doesn’t seem to fit in well with the socket. Both in the stand provied and the regular chargers. Something wrong. Have to keep the charger tightly pressed against the phone. Else the phone is excellent. Don’t want to take chances of going to some horrid service centre. I am from Bangalore. Any suggestions.


  59. sir
    i want to take the service center in bihar sharif {nalanda disst] bihar . i want high grow of sony ericsson sell in biharsharif sir i do not know where are begning
    alok ranjan
    sagar enterprises
    m.n 9835498130


  60. 5 month before i have purchase a new brand W700i. after some days whenever i open tracks in the Walkman it resets. recently my mobile is infected with virus i west to service station they said me that u must have install another software and because of the software it is not showing the version of the mobile …..please people help me what should i do


  61. Service center of SONY ERRICSON IN mumbai vashi is at :

    Bsel tech park, A wing, 1st floor shop no.108
    opp vashi railway station ,
    vashi navi mumbai 400703.

    i had purchased a sony ericsson cell No. W580 in the month of Jan:08, and a month later the cell started givng problems viz camera & the key pad were working properly. I went to the above service place & they repaired it, & said that the cell might give further problems . After a month the cell just went off & I went back to the service centre, but they were not sure as to what the problem was, they sAID IT MIGHT BE Water problem but I did not agree to it, beside me there were few others who had come for the same problems, but that dumb idiot of a service guy, said the same problems to all. Jerks like them should not be employed when they do not know anything about repairs. Its just a waste of time to go over
    there. They surely suck. They then told me to pay 70% of the cost of teh cell which was at that time Rs11,000/-, can you imagine this, they are alot of cheaters. So I had to take back my cell from them. Its so disappointing after spending so much of cash on this damn cell.


  62. i have a se w580i.. when i switch the camera on it says that an application is running. but there is none. i cant use the camera now. what seems to be the problem?


  63. i’m starting to think all of SE fones are hogwash … they meke one phone , flash it wid walkman software and charge a few k more … k750 to w800 … k550 to w610 … and the list goes on …. and the service centre is filled wid a bunch of f$%Kers …. they don know squat bout phones … ran around for a few weeks to get my z530 fixed … finally flashed it myself and its working fine now … SE should do something about this


  64. Hi,

    I am also facing some problem with Sony ericsson phone and frustrated about the way service is done at SALORA HSR LAyout bangalore.

    Can anyone tell me what is the contact mail id to contact sony ericsson directly to cmplain about the phone as well as service centre
    Thanks in advance


  65. Hi..

    I have a Sony W580i handest.. it got repaired 3 times, since it was dead. Now from onwards this handset is getting hanged frquently.

    pls sugget what to do. this handset is under warranty and only three month old



  66. Mr. Anuraag K. Sanghi not return my samsung i8910 mobile, dear anuraagji plese return my mobile, my contact no is 9869116169/ 9930696521


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