Blog Mad!

Hmm… Came across the link of Blog Mad at Vi's blog! I have to agree with her! Blog Mad, has certainly increased the traffic and the hits to my site!

Things that I liked about Blog Mad!

– Deadly UI [esp the login]
– Nice Look and feel [I love the blue thing they have going on in there]
– Decently categorized links

Things they could have done better

Drop down/Java script based lists for each of the sidebar links [Esp with them using a WordPress sorta UI], my bad!! They did have a cool UI there as well :-D!!
– Better icon man! The icon looks like one from Looney Tunes :-D!
– More number of credits on initial start up!
– Better Credit and blog traffic stats!

Another interesting thing that I came across at Blog Mad – VARB! View A Random Blog, and the rating you can give to the blog! Gives you a pretty good idea of how people actually rate your blog on a scale of 1-10! You can vote for Ramblings of an Eccentric Soul… in VARB, through this link- Vote for me!!

Also, you can just click on this pic!!

Varb For MeAnyhoo, I am back to work now! My phone's working! Things are kinda nice overall, especially with the fact that I may soon be blogging from Forccheim, Germany! :-)!

One thought on “Blog Mad!

  1. Hi there

    1. We’ll look at a redesign sometime in the future
    2. We can’t give away tons of credits at startup. how would we get you to come back?
    3. We are working on it

    Thanks for the feedback

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