From there to now!

It has been over 2 years now! It all started off with “A Minor Comparison“! My very first blog! December 10th, 2003! Hmmm… It really has been a long time. It has journalized my life through college – exams, vacations, jobs, through the twists and turns of life, through ups and downs, through highs and depressions! Wow, I really can’t beleive it! I haven’t been successful in documenting _every_ part of these two years, but the major ones have been documented! I think I feel proud of myself! There has been a change. I have had changes in the look, presentation and the content! From geeky computer tech blogging, thoughts on life, musings, intro/retro spections, it has now mellowed to affairs that interest me!

Hmmm, I think that’s nice! So, out of all these, I decided to pick some of my favs and make a list! :-)! Moments and writings that I have enjoyed! I also decided to make 2 pages – Sonorous Musings and Trials with the Quill that contain all my rhymes and sketches. Check it out and of course, feel free to comment :-)! I will soon post the favorites list :-D!! But, I just wanna take an oath today! I will try and blog as much as possible about life from now on! Of late, I have realised that I have not exactly been bloggin on my life! :-D!!

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