Sony Ericsson Firmware upgrade for the uninitiated!

Aaah, Sony Ericsson, the best of the phone makers as of now, well at least according to me! They have conquered a huge market share even in India with the release of their K750i(s) and the W-series! Indeed, where else do you get
-> an awesome phone!
-> sexy responsive UI, with the phone even having a 3D engine
-> An MP3 player that is competing with the quality of the iPods!
-> A 2.0 Mega Pixel camera with more than decent pic quality!
-> Looks of the Sony Ericsson

No, I am not here to give a review of the K750i or the W Series! But, just wanted to mention that the phones are indeed one of the best deals out there! :-)!

“Anyhoo, if they are such great phones, why the hell are you talking about firmware upgrades mate?”, might be what you could be thinking! Completely justified! However, think about this – nVidia graphics cards, ATi graphics cards, Himesh Reshamiya videos! Don’t they also get upgrades? [Well still reeling from the latest upgrade of the vdo of HR of Teraaa Surooor ;-)!]. Anyhoo, I think that Sony Ericsson has again come up with a novel idea about the self-upgradation of the firmware by the normal people! And by that I mean those who aren’t super geeky and know terms like R1BC002, R1AA008 etc at the tip of their left little fingers! Neither am I talking of the uber unknowns when it comes to the tech-world! I am talking about the tech-inclined, people who’d like to get their hands dirty on their gadgets to get that extra performance :-)!

So, what are firmware upgrades?

Well, the firmware of a Sony Ericsson phone is the software that is present in its FLASH BIOS [That’s basically a programmable Basic Input Output System] of the phone. IOW, its soul, if you’d consider the hardware its body! The firmware is responsible for the slick interface that you look – the User Interface, the handling of the joystick and keypads etc.So, basically if your phone firmware is good, your phone works well. And if it sucks, well, you get the jitters every time you use your phone!

Please note: I will be talking about the upgrade of the Sony Ericsson K750i firmware from now on! Although the process is the same that you need to follow for other models of Sony Ericsson, please do refer more into the net for your particular model’s intricacies in the update process!

For the record, I got my phone with the R1J002 firmware [released on 13-06-2005]. My current firmware – R1BC002 [released on 09-03-2006]. Overall, I have upgraded my firmware 3 times. And the only time I have had trouble with the upgrading process is my last time! However, it wasn’t my fault that my phone’s mainboard decided to act weird just at that time :-D!

So, what are the steps needed to upgrade your phone? Well, first of all – Read!! You need to be able to follow my instructions and before that be able to actually tell that you need a firmware upgrade really! Although I manage to upgrade my phone EVERY time there is a firmware upgrade release, I would ask you to go for the upgrade if and only if you really feel that the upgrade is worth it! Before any upgrade, first check your current situation – Are you having any troubles with your phone?

For e.g. are you having trouble with the USB transfer? Then, most probably you are running the R1N035(A) version of the phone firmware [talking wrt only K750i]. You definitely need an upgrade!

Having trouble with the camera with night time shots? The latest firmware R1BC002 has improved the night capture mode to get a better picture quality! You may want to upgrade to the latest firmware.

At the same time, if you use your camera occasionally, your MP3s are transferring fine into your memory stick, you have no range/battery problems, are happy with the Mp3 volume/quality, then heed my words – DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR FIRMWARE! It does NOT void your warranty [unless you use 3rd party firmware upgrade deals], it ideally should NOT screw up your phone, but then “Why do you want to mend something that ain’t broken?”

Furthermore, you CANNOT go back to the previous firmware with a simple rollback. You will need to send it to the service station to downgrade the firmware. And if you have a Sony Ericsson Service Centre experience like I had, then you’ll know that you DON’T wanna do that! 😀

Anyhoo, here are the typical things usually upgraded in a firmware

– Camera software
– Display corrections
– Image manipulations
– MP3 sound volume/quality/clarity
– Battery life corrections
– Range corrections
– Response of the phone
– Additional features [E.g. busy icon when zooming/panning etc]

To let you know of the history of firmware upgrades, I would recommend you to visit Esato’s forum on the K750i firmware overview! You will come to know which is the latest version of the firmware and what are the upgrades/defects wth the firmware! Usually an honest decription is provided here!

So, now that you know that you want to upgrade your phone firmware, what do you have to do? Well, here are the steps!

  1. Find out which firmware are you running right now – Just follow > * < < * < * [Please note: > stands for right joystick input and < stands for left joystick input]
  2. Download all the required drivers for your phone to be detected as a Sony Ericsson K750i/W800i in your computer! You need to download the USB cable drivers if you are using the DCU-60 cable provided with the phone. [Btw, a word of advice, stick to using that as this article is talking about updating your phone using your DCU-60 cable itself]! You can download all the necessary drivers/software for your SE phone from Sony Ericsson D750/K750 USB drivers!
  3. Download the Sony Ericsson Update Service (2) [The 2 is because of an update to their update process ;-)! Now, they have a single software thingy going on :-D]. You can download this directly off the Sony website. The installation package is about 33.8MB [the UpdateService_inst_2.2.13.7d.exe]. Make sure you have a good connection. Ideally broadband!!
  4. Install your phone first by plugging it onto the computer. You just need to point it to the drivers if you have NOT already done it! [NOTE: People who have the older USB drivers can upgrade to the latest download by holding “C” and connecting to the cable with your phone off].
  5. Disconnect your phone and detach the USB cable.
  6. Then install the UpdateService_inst_<xxxxx>.exe package onto your computer! [This is a general update application for most of the Sony Ericsson phones]
  7. Let the installation process finish.
  8. On its first startup, you need to wait for sometime [read a long time if you have a slow connection like me]. This is because the application is downloading its own latest update and the latest firmware for your phone!
  9. All you need to follow are the onscreen instructions.
  10. Now, your phone should be upgraded to the latest firmware!

Well, now you know the steps! If you have the guts, please go ahead and update the firmware for ur phone and lemme know of your experience :-)! Also post a comment if you need any more help in the detail of the guidelines! I would be more than happy to further granularize the steps!

139 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Firmware upgrade for the uninitiated!

  1. I was upgrading my phone software through SEUS-2.

    When it started downloading files to my phone(after 2 bars), SEUS 2 gives the error:

    Update Process Failed.
    Error executing Script.

    Iam using Windows XP, with JDK 5 and Norton Antivirus.

    Now my phone is damn black… If i retry SEUS, it says phone already has latest firmware.?? Pls advice what to do.
    I went to service center and those foolish ppl dont even know how to use SEUS and just say they need to send it to the company and it will take one week. I refused instantly as i have experience of service center.

  2. Hey Vijay.

    Yup! SEUS-2 is not fully bug-free. But for that matter, which software is anyway? You haven’t provided any data as far as which phone model you are using? Also the cable type [DCU-60 or something else]. Please provide the details so that I can try and help ya out.

    Furthermore, explain the problem in detail. As in, what exactly is the condition of your phone rite now? Can you see the menu, navigate through it etc?

    I can try and help you out here. However, the best solution is that you _have_ to give it to the service station. Btw, where do you live, as in which city?

  3. Just came across your blog entry, and i wondered if you could help. I’ve done everything you said, however when i run the software and its tells me to take out my sim-card, blah blah blah then connect the USB – it doesn’t seem to want to move on from that point. Is it just not recognising my handset through the USB?

  4. Hey Julia,

    First of all, I need to know which phone model it is and where you are based from? Do you have a specific connection handset, as in T-mobile, Cingular etc or are you running an unbranded phone?

    Branded phones from Cingular, T-mobile and other carriers have certain customizations that disallow them to use the generic updater.

    So, lemme know the following information!

    -> Phone model
    -> software info [Follow the instructions provided at the blog post for finding out your current firmware version]
    -> Your carrier
    -> location

    Thanks for your comment and I will try my best to help you out here!!


  5. Haha, yeah i guess that info would help…

    -> Phone model – Sony Ericsson K750i
    -> software info – no matter how many times i try, i can’t do this. i’m feeling pretty stupid
    -> Your carrier – O2
    -> location – UK

  6. Hi,
    Don’t know if you can help, I just tried to update my UK unlocked Orange K750i and it’s now dead. I can’t start it up atall, just a black screen. I did follow the SE onscreen instructions and the battery was fully charged so I have no idea what’s happened.
    Any advise you can give appreciated.

  7. Hi again,
    Phew, somehow managed to get my phone back to life, not sure what I did, was just franticly pressing everything in a panic.
    Ah well, think I’ll stick with the old firmware after that frightner. Shame though, the photo click at time of picture taken would’ve been very welcome, as would the improved poor light improvment to the camera.
    Thanks anyway,

  8. Hey Lee!!

    Which firmware version are you running right now? Hmm, the whole thing going black can be easily solved by just pressing the C button and connecting it to the USB cable. The phone _has_ to start up then :-)!

    Anyhoo, give it another shot if you can! The R1BC002 firmware is really awesome :-)! Phone crash and other effects are practically non-existent.

    However, note: that I had to get my main-board changed. I wouldn’t know why? The service center people are incompetent assholes. However, it started restarting as soon as I upgraded to the R1BC002 firmware. However, with the new mainboard and the firmware, the phone works like a charm :-)!

    No glitches whatsoever. One thing that I noticed tho, was that if you increase/decrease volume when the phone is in the sleep mode, then next time you come to the desktop, the volume bar does not appear on screen. Have to check into that!

  9. Thanks for your comments there Guru, I’ll have to give it some thought and I’ll probably give it another go.

    The trouble is, the phone was originally locked to the Orange network when I bought it in the UK, I unlocked it before moving abroad. Now I’m living in Argentina and on the Personal network, I haven’t even seen another phone the same as mie out here and from what I understand, the network operator has to give the go-ahead for the update to work?

    If that’s the case then I have doubts that Personal would do this(they’re a little bit behind in Argentina with mobile phones, although they are catching up alot since this time last year).

    If you have any thoughts about that please drop me a reply, something I should find out about before attempting the update again I guess.



  10. I am having the same problem as julia. the update wont go further than take out ur sim and restart.
    model – k750i
    software info – R1AA008

    no locks.

    please help.

  11. hi guys. just a little tip. if you’ve got a branded SE phone (O2, T-Mobile, or the like) most of the time, their firmware is different from SEUS firmware. So Updating using SEUS on a branded phone may mess it up. Best to wait for the firmware version for your Carrier brand….

  12. I have sony Ericsson k 750i model.Recently I transferred some data from my cell to PC and vice versa. Later on I found that some extra files have been created. Be4 transferring the data I didnt check whether MY PC is virus free or not. The extra files that I got in my Cell are ::
    1. WinZip_Tmp — exe
    2. Temp –HTT file
    3. desktop –ini file

    All the three types of files created at memory stick and all the files are protected so I cant delete them. Moreover the Distribution type is UNLIMITED. I have noticed that these three types of files are at locations where I transferred Data.
    One more thing I have noticed that at one location these three files have got doubled. In File Manager under Pictures, Videos, Sounds and Others these three kinds of files are there.
    Is it a virus ? I think it is because It has become from 1 to 2 and will keep on creating files resulting into filling up the Memory.
    Do you have any idea How to remove these Files? Is there any anti Virus Software for K750i mobiles. Please help

  13. Hey Mohit,

    Those are the hidden files as part of your system folder. So, u can just delete them from ur memory stick after accessing it via the USB. So, don’t worry about it. It’s not a virus. :-)!!

  14. Mohit,
    the description you have given matches classically with worm behaviour, specifically this one in particular which goes around under the following names and spreads through network shares.

    * CME-24
    * Kama Sutra
    * Nyxem.E (F-Secure)
    * W32.Blackmal.E@mm (NAV)
    * W32/Grew.A!wm (Fortinet)
    * W32/Kapser.A@mm (F-Prot)
    * W32/MyWife.d@MM
    * W32/MyWife.d@MM!M24
    * W32/Nyxem-D (Sophos)
    * W32/Tearec.A.worm (Panda)
    * Win32/Blackmal.F (Vet)
    * WORM_GREW.A (Trend)

    My guess is you got it from your LAN. It’s easy to remove, so don’t worry.

    Here’s the Symantec Link

  15. I think my k750i mobile got a virus in it – i turned it off now turned it back on i can’t get access for some reason this virus is not letting me press numeric numbers 1,2,and 3 rest of the numbers r working fine.

    How can i fix virus in my mobile!!

    This is an unlocked phone

  16. Hi Amina!!

    Well, as I was saying, there are an awful lotta viruses for the SE models now!! Hmm, just lemme know how your phone functions like? As in what are the changes you have noticed and how do you think the virus is acting like?

  17. i am stuck badly…. did try to update thru SEUS and during the installation there was an error and since then it has not restarted. can you please tell me what to do!!

  18. Hi i think i have a virus but im not really sure. I downloaded some java games for my sony ericsson w800i and after i had installed them in the games folder what ever game is last on da list it will show as if there is 5 of the same file but if i delete one of them it will delete the whole game and then the next game will show as if there is 5 of the same file. I was wondering does any one know what the problem is and if there is a way to fix it. thank you.

  19. Hey Fabian!!

    Have ya tried the net for any such symptoms shown by other phones? I am not online from my house! Will check up on the same and let ya know in case I find a similar problem with anyone else who’s reported the same!!

    Meanwhile, anybody crossing this path, check it out!!

  20. Hi Guru Panguji

    Yeh i have tried to find other people that have the same problem but have no luck. I took my phone to a service center and they said to me that it might be something wrong with the board in side the phone but then i took it somewhere else and they said to me you might have a virus. and i think that might be it because whenver i had installed the games thats were it all happens.

    hopefully some one will know what to do thanks.

  21. Hey Fabian!!

    Chill man! I had to change my board once, it kinda happens coz one of their firmwares have a problem with their older series of boards. If they are changing the board, just take a backup of ur contacts and whatever you want and send it for a board change man!! Coz the phone works like a charm from then on!!

  22. Hi Guru Panguji

    Yeh i have tried to find if some one else has had the same problem but they havnt. I ended up taking my phone to a service place and the lady there said it could be something wrong with the board inside the phone but then i took it to this other mobile phone place and they said that you might have a virus. The virus sounds more to what im thinking because its only showing more then one file of the games from wherever i have installed them. because i had like over 60 games on the phone and then when i tried to delete one game the phone will restart.

    Also just wanted to know were would i be able to get games and themes and all other stuff from my phone that will be safe and have no viruses.

    Thank you if anyone can help please let me know.

  23. Just got one more question im looking at getting a sandisk 4GB sony memory stick pro duo now i was just wondering would the sony ericsson w800i work with that because some one was telling me if the phone doesnt support that much it will only read i think it was 2gb from the other memory stic they had last time.

    But just was wondering if you would know thank you.

  24. Hey Fabian!!

    Hmm, even I heard today, just today from a friend that the phone’s supporting a 4GB card. Hmm, yet to see it working tho!! I have a 2GB card and I am extremely happy with it :-D!!

    Will find out and confirm k!!

  25. Hi Guru Panguji!!

    Yeah thanks alot for that and if i happen to find out before you ill also let you know.

    Well i better end up taking my phone in to the service place while i still have my warranty atleast that way i dont have to worry about paying anything atm hehe. But besides that this is the best phone i have ever had so far.

  26. Hi… I have R1BC002 installed in my k750i which i recently bought… but i cannot play .wav files from the phone… is there any software i should install to play these files?

  27. Hey Rajeev

    It depends on the .wav format internally. Coz, only certain .wav formats are supported by default by Sony Ericsson. I dunno the details tho. i shall check into the same :-)!

  28. hello Guru!

    ive just transferred files from CD to MP3 then onto my new k750i and it says ‘cannot play this sound’ when i click on them…

    is this a copywrit thing or should they be playing?

    everything else seems fine though so dont think i will upgrade 🙂

  29. Hello Ross,

    Hmm, that is indeed strange! How’d you convert the CD to MP3? I mean, which software did you use? It mite have been because of the bad ripping? Are the songs playable on your computer?

    They should be playing if converted properly, unless they are locked with a license or something? But that’s generally not done when u convert using the software.

    Which’s the firmware you are running now?

  30. hello!

    i used ‘Switch’, i cant check they play ok on my work computer because there is no sound card… i will try ripping again with cdex

    i cant seem to check firmware either… i have tried the > *

  31. Hmm, that’s strange. It should work, use this…. > * < < * < *
    About the software, never used that. I usually use CD-DAXtractor. :-)! It works fine with that :-)!

    Check first if your .mp3 runs well in anything else. Say with a friend’s mp3 player or another phone. :-)!

  32. Hi Guru,

    I have a W800c (used) and it seems to always give me a battery problem. It doesn’t seem to hold a charge for more than a day. Using your instruc from above, I was able to determine that the Software/firmware version is “R1Koo1”. I’m new to this cellular updating, but familiar w/ computer ops, so I’ve been able to follow most of your helpful hints and instructions. Would an update to the firmware fix my W800c’s problem and make it a usable phone? Which firmware version should I be looking for and where can I find it? Thanks much for you help so far. D

  33. Hi Dread,

    First of all, welcome to the blog :-)! Unfortunately, I have never visited or checked out information on the W800c. Wish I had and could I be of some help, but as the situation lies, sorry.

    However, I would redirect you to Esato to check out information on your phone’s condition.

    Just as a startup to check up on the battery tho
    – How often do you use your phone?
    – How many hours of music do you use the phone to listen from, considering you have a Walkman series :-D!

    Coz, on continuous music use, your battery is bound to drain – for e.g. listening to about 8-10 hours of music a day with a day’s lasting of battery is very decent even for the W800c :-)!

  34. Hi, Thx.

    Actually, my primary phone is a W600i (no problems there). The W800c is an extra phone that’s not getting used at the moment, so I don’t play much music on it. Both phones use the same battery model, and I know that my 600 battery is fine. I tried to use it in the 800 and the same thing happened; fast battery drain and hard to charge up. So I’m not sure if the firmware is off on reading battery life, or something else is causing the drain/charge problem. Since it’s a “c” model, it has lots of language support, but no games, etc.

    If I can get this bug worked out/fixed, I (or a family member) will start using it. It has all the features that I’d use (and more).

  35. Hmm, then the only thing left for you to is to check out the various firmwares available for the W800c!!

    Ok, cool, W800c and K750i use the same firmwares :-)! So, here goes, R1K001 is a very old firmware. You _have_ to update your firmware. Hmm, if u follow the download procedure said above, you should be on your way. Btw, here’s the link to the firmware overview…

    Esato Firmware overview

  36. Hi Guru,

    I am having the same problem as Julia & Oldman while trying to upgrade the firmware. The update process wont go further than take out ur sim,press the c-button & plug the USB connector

    Following are the details :-
    model – k750i
    software info – R1L002
    Brand – O2
    Location : currently in India, however phone was purchased in UK.

    The problem with the phone is that I need to restart it every day else the phone hangs.

    Please can you help me with the ugradation process. I am stuck.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  37. Hi again Guru,

    No love from the SEUS. I got hung up the same as Julia, old man, & Kumar. I got to hold ‘C’, connect the phone, and.. nothing. It just went back to the Start/Exit screen after about 5 min. No tones from the ‘puter where the phone was recognized as a USB attachment or anything. USB drivers for the W800 are installed.

    Again, I have W800c w/ R1K001 software (which is really, really old stuff). Any advise on where to go or what steps next would be appreciated. I have a taste and Hope that I can fix and use this phone in the near future. Got the Far Manager, but couldn’t get it to work (old DOS look has me confused), so I guess I’m not that good with ‘puter apps after all 😉 Thx. D

  38. @ Kumar and Dread: I encountered a very strange problems, and noticed that it happened to the old phones – essentially that came with the R1N035A firmware and before that, when you upgrade to the latest firmware
    – it doesn’t upgrade properly
    – when u finally manage to upgrade, your phone keeps restarting as something majorly gets wrong with your phone.

    So, I’d suggest both of you to go to the service centre and ask them to upgrade your phone’s firmware. It’s a free service within the warranty period.

    @ Kumar – if you haven’t unbranded your phone from O2, you have to install O2 released firmware. :-D!!

  39. Hi Guru,

    Will do as you say. Hopefully the service centre should be able to resolve this.

    Thanks for your inputs. Appreciate your help and the steps that you have outlined here at this site. Really useful to us ‘newbies’.

    Thanks once again.

  40. Hi Guru,
    I have a W810. While updating through sony ericsson update service program i got an error “Failed checking application versions, please reinstall the application and make sure you have the latest version.” I have just downloaded the updated software from sony’s site and have also installed the PC suite and usb drivers, the phone is working fine on PC suite and i can access it fully through usb. I am using windows xp. Kindly tell me wat is da prob. I had also tried after reinstalling the update software but no use.

  41. Hi

    I’ve installed some demo games from GameLoft and now want to delete them off my phone. Somehow the delete option is dsabled. The other games I’ve got are fine, I can delete them no problem.

    Is there a reason why some games can’t be deleted and how do I get around this?

    Thanks in advance for any help

  42. Where are the games installed?

    If they are in the phone/memory card, then access via the comp and remove the read-only option from them :-)!!

    This should be the problem mostly!!

  43. Hi there, i have just bought two K750i’s, i got them cheap because they were sold as faulty. When they are turned on the screen flashes white for a second and then the phone goes dead again. i was told that this happened to one of the phones when the last owner changed his sim card. i was also told that a service centre guys said it was a software problem and that flashing the phone would sort it all out, have you encountered this before? and could i fix it and also upgrade my phone by flashing with the W800i firmware? thanks for your advice, regards – Merv.

  44. When they are turned on the screen flashes white for a second and then the phone goes dead again. i was told that this happened to one of the phones when the last owner changed his sim card.

    Motherboard problem, give it to the service centre asap. If it’s guaranteed, they will replace it for free :-)!

  45. Hi there,

    Can you help please, I have a sony ericsson k800i which is locked to a o2 uk sim but when I go on holiday I want to put a local sim in can it be unlocked? and if so can you tell me how please

    Thanks for your time Glenn

  46. hi there,i hav se k750i f/w ver.R1BC002. is there a new upgrade available? also i hav been using 512 mb mem stik but now whenever i add some song in the mem card and try to access it the phone gets restarted. wot kud b da prob? is there any utility for formatting a memory stick using the phone only?

  47. hi guru,
    I am surprised to see my older posts have been erased,well make space for the future I always say,Anyway,I recently sold off my beloved K750 and Now I am the proud owner of a W810i.It cost me an arm(around US$330) in Bangladesh.As u know in countries like India,Bangladesh n Pakistan there are mobile snatchers so I pray that my W810 stays safe from them.The W810 is not much difrent inside from the K750 EXCEPT it looks too too sexy and it has a bigger n better display.I just wish it came with a lens cover and atleast a 2.5Mp camera since its a newer model.Still I dont regret buying it coz I LOVE SONY ERICSSON.Thanx for this space n pls take care guru!!
    SID from Bangladesh

  48. @ Sid: Dude chill maar. Awesome phone W810i Slurp!! Even wo the lens cover and even wo the 2.5MP camera [does such a config exist – 2.5MP]?? The k900i is also a dream ok.. Saw it in a mediamarkt here.. and oooooh sesski!! ;-)!

  49. Hi guru,

    I was planning to buy 4gb memory card.

    In your earlier posts, you have expressed doubt over the phone compatibility with 4gb card.

    Did u try the phone with 4gb and what are your suggestions for memory upgrade??

  50. Hey guru,
    I have a sony ericsson W800i and I’m not sure whats wrong with it. A while ago I couldn’t send any messages so i done a master reset and everything was ok. After that the camera didnt work so i done another master reset and then everything was ok. Now my last problem is that i can not receive any messages because i get the following message. “Message waiting Too many messages. Delete some from any folder. Delete now?” i have clicked yes but there are no messages on the phone. I have tried 3 master resets and this wont go away. Please help me.

  51. hey guru!
    Whats up bro?Man!yesterday my mate brought his SE K800i over n damn That phone is fine!!Its 3.2Mp camera is stunning n the phone looks real manly.My w810 looks like A BMW M3 while his k800 looks like a mercedes S500.Anyway Just thought I wpould add some intresting links to the blog-One feturea a fake SE W810i ( with TOUCHSCREEN and the other has a fake W8000 ( )and K700.These chinese knockoffs are no where near the quality of an origina Se but they come close in looks that to the untrained eye and from a far,U can think it really is a beloved Sony ericsson phone. The sites are worth seeing coz its a good laugh!!;)
    Sid from bangladesh

  52. Will the Guru comment on firmware updates for P990i…the best use of its limited RAM??…what not to do on this handset to awoid processing speed slowdowns etc.etc.???

  53. @ ajay: Dude, send me a P990i and I shall do all that u asked me to do :-P!! I have an SE K750i dude, hence the reason for all the time put into its review. Gimme a P990i and I shall indeed come out with a similar article for it …

    Lemme know if u are interested in sending me the P990i and I shall send u my shipping address :-)!

  54. hi.. i downloaded the SEUS fir sony ericsson k750i but whenever i run the update service it gives a screen with ericson symbol and a bar with green flashes going and no other action ….why is this thing happening… the first time it gave me an option for languages i selected englush and then thats all… the screen withe the logo appears with the progress bar flashing… i m using windows XP … have a broadband internet connection….plz help… got to update my cellphone

  55. Guru did u find any solution for:

    Hey guru,
    I have a sony ericsson W800i and I’m not sure whats wrong with it. A while ago I couldn’t send any messages so i done a master reset and everything was ok. After that the camera didnt work so i done another master reset and then everything was ok. Now my last problem is that i can not receive any messages because i get the following message. “Message waiting Too many messages. Delete some from any folder. Delete now?” i have clicked yes but there are no messages on the phone. I have tried 3 master resets and this wont go away. Please help me.

  56. Hey guru,
    I have a sony ericsson W800i and I’m not sure whats wrong with it. A while ago I couldn’t send any messages so i done a master reset and everything was ok. After that the camera didnt work so i done another master reset and then everything was ok. Now my last problem is that i can not receive any messages because i get the following message. “Message waiting Too many messages. Delete some from any folder. Delete now?” i have clicked yes but there are no messages on the phone. I have tried 3 master resets and this wont go away. Please help me.

  57. hi there.
    i have a sony ericsson 750i since a while and it was just great. bu recently im having some troubles in playing some mp3s. i dont know what happened but some songs are replacing others but the title stays the same. and the most strange thing is sometime a deleted mp3 file replaces the existing one. is that a virus? and what should i do?

  58. @ xues: Dude – that’s only coz u need a reformat of ur memory card! It had happened to me once – i did a reformat and everything was hunky-dory again!! :-)!

    Hope it helps – lemme know if it does :-)!

  59. thx man. ill do that for sure, but there’s some little thing i shoul know first, how can i reformat the memory card?!!!! is deleting every thing is enough? thx in advance.

  60. hey help me!!! now i can’t shoot with my sony ericsson w550i. i can take picture well with camera but when i start video and start to record it simply displays pause and shows the main standby screen. help me. should i upgrade the firmware?

  61. Hi everyone,

    I’ve got a W810 and seem to have the same problem as Yasir up there (comment from September). I’ve had problems loading up the update because of having the Firefox browser installed but now the error message is “Failed checking application versions, please reinstall the application and make sure you have the latest version.” There doesn’t seem to be an answer made on this thread but does anyone know how to get around it? Thanks

  62. Hi i have a sony erricsson w550i i have had it for 11 months and have had no problems with it until today. I tried to mark a message as unread then delete the rest i did this but it says too many messages delete from any folder so i click yes but it freezes i have tried restarting the phone but bothing helps as it also takes about 5 mins to open my message folders

  63. i get a message saying ‘ cannot play this sound file’ ..i dnt know y this is happeneing!? please help…i have 150 mb of music on the fone which works fine but any new file..i get this msg! ..I’ve tried formatting..doesnt work..what do i do? Please help!?…please email me..

  64. I have sony Ericsson k 750i model.Recently I transferred some data from my cell to PC and vice versa. Later on I found that some extra files have been created. Be4 transferring the data I didnt check whether MY PC is virus free or not. The extra files that I got in my Cell are ::
    1. WinZip_Tmp — exe
    2. Temp –HTT file
    3. desktop –ini file

    All the three types of files created at memory stick and all the files are protected so I cant delete them. Moreover the Distribution type is UNLIMITED. I have noticed that these three types of files are at locations where I transferred Data.
    One more thing I have noticed that at one location these three files have got doubled. In File Manager under Pictures, Videos, Sounds and Others these three kinds of files are there.
    Is it a virus ? I think it is because It has become from 1 to 2 and will keep on creating files resulting into filling up the Memory.
    Do you have any idea How to remove these Files? Is there any anti Virus Software for K750i mobiles. Please help

  65. 1. WinZip_Tmp — exe
    2. Temp –HTT file
    3. desktop –ini file
    The above 3 files couldnot be deleted.delete option is disable. System connect Phone memory didn’t open. Unable to connect error will be occur.
    Please any one help immediately.

  66. Hi.
    My name is simson. Last week i bought a new mobile of sony ericsson k750i with latest sofware of RDB001. But my Mp3 Quality is not at all good. So plz give me an idea how to increase the quality

  67. I get the error when i try to play back some songs, the error is “cannot play this sound”. There is no virus on the phone because it plays other songs, can u please explain why this error comes?

  68. i just bought a new set of k750i which is replacement of my old k750i oso that broke down…d problem is my firmware are R1CA021 but cant use d camera zoom in “1632 x 1224” size selected.”Zoom is not available when large picture size is selected”Dats d error msgs appeared and when i use d 640 x 480 size,its only can zoom till 2.5 only… please someone help me..

  69. hi, its great on ur part that u r providing such useful infornation.Thax for that.I”M using k750i
    and its great.i want to know that can’t I increase the ZOOM of my phone? It’s just 4X. my fireware is R1BC002. i’ll be really thankful to you……..

  70. will read i just selected TEXT LABEL in SERVICES n selected BO. Is it gonna harm my phone yaar.please reply fast.if it’s gonna harm WHAT should i do??????????????

  71. IF YOU GOT WITH SONY ERICSSON UPDATE SERVICE (SEUS) “failed checking application version” WHILE STARTING, GO IN C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service

    Right click “update service.exe”, then go in compatibility tab and select windows 2000, TRY IT.
    IF IT STILL DOESNT WORK, TICK ALL BOXES, (except compatibility mode), then try to run in win98 compatibility mode (u will get an error),
    then FINALLY if it works U CAN UNTICK ALL BOXES.

  72. please help i bought memory stic pro duo and when i try load files from computer write “please format this driwer” ad when i try to farmat write windows was unable to complete format what can i do???


    My wonderful phone was working fine until a couple of days ago when the screen just disappeared. Actually, if I tilt the phone i can (barely) see the sony logo and my desktop. It was suggested it “may” be a software fault but i don’t want to have to pay someone a lot of money if there’s a simple fix out there!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  74. error “Failed checking application versions, please reinstall the application and make sure you have the latest version.” I

    You can’t believe how droll is the answer:
    You have to change your display’s settings:
    Choose Default Windows Theme.
    I found this solution in a spanish site
    and it worked!!!!

  75. Man, i just did an update for a buddy’s p990i and the bleeding update software killed the phone!! WTF? seriously, it came as a shock to me cos ive used it to update my M600i and quite a few other standard SE phones. Now, all that happens when i power up the p990i is that it vibrates once and thats it!
    God, am sooo screwed. Any help?
    What happened was that the update software just gave an error after downloading the files and then running the update.

  76. Hi, I am having K750i model. I transferred some audio files from one pc to my mobile, but later on it get deleted automatically and for some reasons I transferred some picture data to other pc but that pc doesn’t allow me to transfer as it protected with anti virus. so my freind suggested to do virus scan but I don’t know how to get the software, scan & remove the virus and also pl let me know is there any virus software available to protect and intimate me when i do some blind tranferring with pc’s. Thanks in advance for ur answers. pl give me a very clear procedure.

  77. Hi@all

    I have a SEw850i.
    Last time when i go into “Games” or “Aplication” it gives a error
    “Operation failed”. xD.
    Why is that? and How to fix it?

    How to know which version of firmware do i have? And where to find new firmware.

    I red all above, didn’t understand. Feeling pretty stupid.

    Please help me.

  78. My K750i recently lost its left keypad function, left and up directions on joystick and the 1, 2 and 3 keys on the keypad. It cud be a virus… who knows, what do u think?

    I did a firmware update via SE’s site and thought that might’ve helped but instead my fone ends up restarting every time i turn it on and keeps doing it over and over again. Stupid, really… any ideas?

  79. Hi

    I have a brand new Sony Ericcson M600i with touch screen. When I try to set/change the time for my appointment/s by touching the screen, the time “whites out” so that I cannot see the time that was set. Missed afew appointments this way bec I set the wrong time.

    Any views on how to correct?


  80. Hi
    I have a Sony ericsson W850i.. When they asked me to reformat my memory stick i did so by pressing the default,”0000″ but it stated reformatting failed. What should i do?

  81. hey guru help me out here
    ive got se w810i..i cant open the applications or he games folder…i cant even download them as it says operation failed …my firmware is r4ea031
    thanx alot man

  82. Hi guru

    I´m having a problem with my w800i, for some reason the joystick cant go up or left, but I´m sure that the hadrware is not the problem because when pushing the joytick to the affected directions it still makes the click sound, I think it´s a virus, I´ve read a lot of threads in other forums and a lot of people that dowloaded games for their SEw800 have had problems with their joystick later on, please help!, woow and now while wrtting this the “play” and volume buttons stopped working!! :S helpe please! thanks.

  83. @ Moi: This sounds like a hardware problem. Recently my keypad started failing me one by one. The controller chip would have gone for a toss. Would ask you 2 get it checked @ a repair centre!

  84. i have K800i SE and i accidentally accepted the “CARIBE.SIS” to my fone using BT with my friend. And now my fone starts to malfunction. When i turned it off and on again…the annoying message pop up in the screen. It pop-up like u are connecting the usb to the K800i into the pc but there is no usb connected to my fone. (transfer file/phone mode & print). and now my k800i cannot be detected by my pc.

    Please help on how to resolve this problem.


  85. Hi guru
    I’ve got the same problom as Hosso. Got a W850i. when i go to ‘Games or Application’ gives me an error: ‘Operation failed’
    How can i fix it!
    Can you help?

  86. Hello, please i need help.
    I got a some game downloads for my phone sony ericsson k800i.
    I saved these games in Others folder, When i tried to install directly from this folder, I got some error message. after these, I cannot run my games and applications again.
    Can you help me out please?

  87. I havw a very serious problem with my sony ericsson w810 cuz when i am going to start a java application\game appears a text witch says [ operation failed ] ! Can somebody help me ? What i should do ?

  88. Hello,

    Do anyone here have tried updating your phone with the new Sony Ericsson update service software if so please put back your comments / feedback.

    My current version for K750i is R1DB001 which I guess is the latest version as of now.

    Today I am going to try updating my phone with the latest released update software version I will be going to put back my experience here as I update my phone.

  89. i am using a K800i and i am trying to update my Firmware, i have downloaded the software off the SE website and followed the rules however it keeps coming up ready for file transfer and then says do not remove the USB cable until you have exited the application on your PC. Am i missing something or will i throw the phone up the wall? can anyone help?

  90. One month ago I bought a Sony Ericsson K750i here in Bangladesh and I tried to update the software using SEUS. I followed the process but in the middle of updating, the process suddenly stopped. The updating bars were not progressing. Then I restarted my pc. and tried to power on my mobile. But the mobile was totally dead! I pressed the power button for several times but it didn’t work. Then I go to the service center of Sony Ericsson here in Bangladesh. They installed the software again. But the sotware they installed I think its a older version (RAA008). and I’ve found in the internet that newer versions then this version are available. I went to the service centre again but they don’t recommend to update.

    I want to try to update the software again but I’m afraid of the same problem which I mentioned above. By the way, I’ve forgot the version of the software which came with my mobile before taking it to the service centre. I can mention here one thing.. at that time the unit of the memory was showed in MB. But after taking it to the service centre the memory is showed in KB.

    Should I try again to update the software? If the phone again goes dead what should I do then?

  91. Hi,

    I bought K750 i on jun-06 , it was working fine upto last month. I dropped it in water last month. I switched off the mobile and kept for 3 days to dry it off. And from 4 th day it wrks fine. 15 days after i found a problem with the display and it got corrected as it is. After that i charged it with the sony adapter, on the same time a call came , which made my phone to switch off. I gave it to sony service center to correct it but heard back from them that mother board got short circuit, replacement of the same will take 60% of the mobile cost. since warranty period got over by 1 month its better to buy a new mobile , instead of repairing it.

    i enquired all and got the same reply to replace new mobile , is it the only way now?
    Please let me know if there are any chance to repair it with minimum cost.

  92. dude i herd u can debrand a sony w550i to a sony w660i … i wanted to know what are the free softwares available to do that ….so i can upgrade the handset…

  93. Everytime i press the music button on my W850i it also presses one of the shortcut keys,and when i press the more button it also does the same…pls can you help me?

  94. Hi Guru,
    I need ur help pls. i am using SE K800 i bought it from Vodafone Australia .i am using T-mobile in US in that phone , i updated the software using sony ericsson website and now it says insert correct SIM card. I called Sony Ericsson support centre in US .they advise me to call Vodafone Australia.because its again been locked to that network. Can u help me to unlock or that can be solve by updating the software from any other site which will overwrite the previous updates.If so which?

  95. Dear Sir,

    I had logged a query regarding the problem faced by me on 16-09-2007 with Sony Ericsson, however I have not received any feedback from Sony Ericsson till date and am very worried about my phone. I have been hunting the internet for solution and have chanced upon your site.

    The problem I am facing is as under:
    When I try to update my phone to the latest upgrade on the Sony Ericsson Update site, the phone receives updates a little more than 98% and then shows an update error asking me to disconnect the phone and try again. Inspite of repeated efforts I am facing the same problem.
    I reinstalled the Sony Ericsson Update program on my computer, and I even used the master rest on the phone to restore it to the original factory setting before trying the update but after all efforts the phone only updates to that same point of 98% and then shows update error and stops.

    After my efforts to upgrade,my P990i phone is showing 2 firmware versions which read as under:

    Phone:CXC162037 R9F011
    PRGCXC162037_CCPU_HE_LL_NI (followed by four squares)

    Bluetooth:CXC162058 R5A01

    Organiser:CXC162036 R5A17
    CXC162036 R6E28

    CDA:CDA162007/2 R5A13
    CDA162007/2 R6E28

    When I had previously updated from the Sony Ericsson site everything went well and I had no problems. However this time the experience has really scared me. I don’t think I will ever try and upgrade again.

    Please tell me how I can get my phone to upgrade properly to the latest firmware and get rid of two firmware versions with the correct latest one.

    I opted for the P990i as was I was very happy with the service given to me by my previous Sony Ericsson phone

    Please help me out. Please tell me what is wrong and what is the remedy.

    Awaiting anxiously for your reply.

  96. hi my name is abdi every time i try to open my music file it takes long then when i first bought the phone is it a virus or something if it is a virus and ani 1 know where 2 get a free anitvurus plz help

  97. when I go to run the update service it says: Incompatible Macromedia version. Required verision available from Application will terminate.

    What the heck has adobe to do with SEUS????? My firmware is very old R1005 and I cant get this to work….:{| SE k750i

  98. hey guru help me out here
    ive got se w810i..i cant open the applications or he games folder…i cant even download them as it says operation failed …
    thanx alot bro

  99. hey, Good day,i got a SE k800i and wondering if i could add more languages onto my cellfone? Since i brought it in New Zealand,it doesn’t have Chinese language…is there a way to add it at all?thank you for your time.^^

  100. after upgreading softwere of my sony erisson w700i from service center by new farmware my phones sound became vary low and maga bass dosenot work how i solve the problem how can i get the previous soft were pls halp me plsssssssss

  101. i have a sony erisson w700i. when ever i insert the memory card the phone didn’t start up somebody help me. without it it works fine. there is no problem with the memory card.

  102. hey bro… ‘ve got a z530i… . recently i installd a few java games……everythin ws cool bt nw aftr turnin it off once i cant switch it on,,, it hangs at tht sony ericsson logo screen…… tried everythin battery removal n all….. i tried update also bt tht also failed at 98% wid some error like “update failed”……. ths hs happend earlier also bt somehw ma phone managed to switch on aftr a few tries…….. wht shld i do bro ??? ma cell aint in warranty any more…… plzz suggest……..

  103. Hello Guru,

    I have a problem with my W550i. Last night i have installed some games on it. After that when i removed Data cable from it has been switched off after then i switched it on again then it only displays white blank screen…. I think my firmware has been corrupted… Please help me in solving this problem…..


  104. hello…
    can anyone plz help me out…i ws transfering data frm pc to my se w550i (file tranfer mode) but after disconnecting when i tried to start the phone its shows se logo n hanga there itself…wht to do??? plz help me out of this..plz

  105. I have upgraded my Z550i coz it had some battery problems.

    Now, the battery problems have been rectified but my sound quality of the phone has been degraded.
    It doesn’t sound like an iPod anymore.
    The volume has been decreased considerably.

    Please, help me……….

  106. hi there can someone please email me i have a problem
    my phone does not allow me to send sms messeges , it keeps sayign “sms sending barred” whereas if ii put my sim in any other phone it works perfectly, also if ii put another sim in that phone it allows me to send messeges . . . nay ideas. . .please reply as soon as possible

    email me
    please please please
    thanks in advance

  107. also when i try to update the fucking software the gay thing doesnt fuckign work :@ im sorry for the language but im so anyoed ii swpapped my lg shine for a w800i and now it doesnt allow me to update firmware ii follow all instruction ii have update service installed and when ii remove battery and re insert nuthing changes, ii follow every instruction like ii hodl c then connect remove battery first everything it doesnt seem to work :(:(:(:(:(

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