The Final Scream

Were the flames to watch
From where he lay.
Slow, unsure
His movements.
Were the flames almost jolly and gay.

Aloud, his mind thought
I have to get out of this
Yet, mute his actions were.
As each flash and hiss
Let a raw surge of pain through his nerves
Numbing his flesh
Now, bare.

Adrift Aside Aloft Abide
Along the sides, abrupt they died.
Chopping the wooden sticks
An axe added an extra inch.
Get out now, his mind cried!

Not too much more of this
His body could take
But, to jump out of the flame
And back to the fallacy
The decision was hard to make.

The only emotion
He felt for real
Was the pain.
Realising it
He lay there.
A scene surreal
He knew
There was something to gain.
A life of lies
A pall of cries
Was all he could ever dream
He proceeded a smile
For once, without any guile
As he let out his final scream!

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