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Aaah, WordPress – I have been forever satisfied with the overall migration from blogger to my handcoded Content Management System and then from there to WordPress. Furthermore, wordpress.com has been one of the most reliable servers that has been hosting my blog as well :-)! Well, except when it decides to get human ;-)! Hehee!

Anyhoo, wordpress blog templates have been easily one of the best I have seen! Now with the additionof widgets, and etc, WordPress is providing the ability to customize the provided templates! Actually, the idea is nice and new! Unlike blogger, where you have almost complete customizability of color and what not, WordPress works on templates. You have information content management customizability over the templates! New, innovative, yes! How nice? Well, left to see :-)!

Well, I am happy with some of the themes out there!

Hemingway is a top-fav of mine! There are others like Andreas04, Andreas15 that I like. However, the concept of a simple straightforward, good looking template – there are only 2 that I really rank way up there – Hemingway and Fauna!

Hemingway has been my choice for quite some time now! But, what I have seen is that while the new templates are getting support with loads of widgets and blah, Fauna has been completely looked over! Why? Is it because WordPress has some stats counter which tell 'em not many people use Fauna? I dunno! I mean, comon, Fauna doesn't even have support to show all the links you have at least in 1 category! I had to delete all my categories to put all my blogroll links back onto the site! Which makes me a bit frustrated!

This hopefully goes to the notice of WordPress! I mean, please get some support for Fauna people! It's really really good :-)!

Btw, the latest addition the BlogStats widget is good! Unfortunately, I can't keep it my site now can I? :-(!

Please get it away from beta 1 to the next state please!! :-D!!

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