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I strongly oppose the proposed increase in reservations. This will serve a death blow to anybody's hope of getting into an institution solely based on merit. It completely undermines the very notion of equality. The country is doomed if merit and hard work are going to be ignored in favour of reservations based on caste.


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Our goal is to get atleast 1500 signed petitons by this Sunday and then for the number to keep growing. Please flood the NDTV inboxes or send an sms on 6388.

One of the greatest ironies I have noticed is that "India is a secular nation". And, this is what I got in my inbox today! One of the raging talks going on in the Indian democracy.

Reservations were brought in at the time of Independence to the country in 1947 by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This was a public "apology" and a way to atone the sins of the forefathers of the nation for discriminating against the "minorities" during the the pre-Independent India. [Flaw #1, rather than providing equal opportunities for all, classify based on religion and give a quasi equality]

The Reservation system, which essentially "books an advanced place" in various institutions for the "minorities" were supposed to last 15 years since the declaration of Independence. Two things that come onto my mind – How did they ever think that 15 years was enough to atone for whatever comeuppance the minorities faced? Under what basis did they decide the "minorities" then?

Anyway, came the year 1962, reservations were prolonged and the act to abolish it has been postponed indefinitely [or so it seems] for the simple reason that it's the year 2005 and reservations are still present.

Let me analyse the situation! Reservations basically give a certain number of positions to the class of people. First of all, being a secular nation, it's wrong to classify people based on religion. Second of all, they are taking away the fact that the nation itself considers all people equal, essentially eroding the tenets of secularism on which the country should be beleiving in.

According to me, Religion should be the last thing on which you should award reservations in a secular country. Isn't it high time that India restructured its belief in this particular act of atonement? Why can't it be based on some other parameter like income for the family etc?

It's believed that people under these categories are financially handicapped, they are not able to get the same class of education, the same degree of necessities that other people in India face! At prima facie, it's justified, however, on deeper analysis, it's dead wrong spot on. I agree that the people under these categories, had financial challenges. They were not provided the same facilities of education, and other comforts, which the "higher" class of people enjoyed. But, the situation has drastically changed now.

Now onto another situation that is coming up. Reservations also cause quite a few of the "deserving" people to lose out on chances. Although people are not going against it en masse, there is a lot of tension brewing around it. Proof: the mail that I have pasted at the beginning of this blog. Also, I have personally experienced and seen when people who really deserve seats, places in good colleges by their merit are denied for the simple reason that they are of a higher class.

How can the people be held accountable and responsible for being born to a higher class/lower class? The definitions of the classes themselves being well over 52 years old!

Secondly, why do we have the whole point of an entrance test and then decide the seats based on the weighted average of the "class" the students were born in and their performance in the exam [necessarily in that order as well]? It doesn't justify the need for an examination in the first place then.

Thirdly, why are the umpteenth generation of a particular "class" pay for what their forefathers did?

If an insitution really wants the meritorious students, why the hell are they adopting this strategy of placements? I personally think it's high time that the Government reconsiders the factors needed for a reservation. If India truly needs to be a secular nation, it has to reconsider classifying people based on class/religion!!

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  1. I got another mail today signing an online petition for the same issue!

    Are you aware of the latest proposal of HR Dept (Govt of India)………they are planning to increase the quota of reserved seats by 27%……which will make the reserved seats to 49.x%……..leaving barely 50% seats to be filled on the basis of merit.

    Are you ready to face the fact that – Our half of our nation will be nurtured not on the basis of merit but some other considerations.

    If you want to raise your voice against it, then please sign an online petition here: No Quota Petition []

    Please do notify this to others….who feel in a similar way against this issue.

    The power of net and e-mail should hopefully curb such atrocities by the Government!

    Btw, just to assure you that my stand is not against the policy of reservation. It’s the basis on which they classify people that needs to be solved!

  2. Addendum: Over lunch, I was chatting with Nirmal, and he told me that it was actually Dr B.R. Ambedkar[source: Wikipedia], who came up with the concept of reservation. And it was for 50 years.

    But, I remember talking with my grandpa and he was cribbing about Jawaharlal Nehru and him either appointing the reservation system or extending it after the 15 year initial contract!

    Will talk to my grandpa and get back on this :-D!

  3. Mahatma Gandhi had to mediate between the anti-reservationists and the Ambedkarites, who had championed the cause of SC/ST reservations in education, employment and the electoral system

    I also found a very informative article [a PDF File] on the orgins of reservation system in India and the Goverment policies on the same. Please note that this is from a pro-reservation outlook. However, indeed informative :-)!
    Reservation in India[source:

  4. Hi
    Trying to contact any youth who are pro reservation in order to conduct a small debate on a
    public forum. Please contact me at my mail ID before tuesday 9th may 2006.

  5. Guys, let us start a revolution. Let there be 100% Reservations! Let there be a new parallel education / job system, where the students / workers, management and even the friggin sweepers are appointed with reservations. And let there be 0% reservations in all the other institutions.

    The time the OBC etc is born, he will have a certain admission into the reservation education system. He can study till whatever time he wants to. The teachers too are 100% from the reservation cadre. The reservation student after completion of his studies, will have an assured job in the Government. After all, didn’t Nehru say that another purpose of the Public Sector was to generate employment?

  6. It is time that we understood the real meaning of the issue.

    Soon it will not be a case of mere discrimination against legitimate fundamental rights of so called upper cast citizens, but a case of PERSECUTION. Hitler had started the same way dividing German society and started a drift that changed the course of world history.

    These politicians, particularly Congress had more than 50 years to implement a “gesture of good will policy on reservation” drafted after independence but instead of admitting their failure now,they are now trying to make non quota people to suffer more.

    Every man lives one life and thus, no state has a right to take away right of equality and right to equal opportunity.

    Does parliamentary democracy in India mean that bunch of politicians can kill the legitimate and fundamental rights of a certain section of society and start depriving them?

    The constitution of India as it stands now, is crippled severely and it has lost the ability to protect rights of people who are being persecuted by the state on the basis of cast and religion -i.e. so called upper castes and Hindus!

    Is it not the time for petitioning the issue in UNHRC? Is it also not a time to start applying to foreign consulates and demand political asylum on the ground of persecution by the state?

    Beware world! If situation deteriorates in India by the action of screwed up Indian politicians then the whole world will suffer due to massive migration of people form India.

  7. Denial of certain rights to a certain sect of the society !

    When has this resulted in anything positive in the face of history. The most recent examples if from Hitler when he marked the “Aryan Blood” superior. The first act of Hitler was to take the Jews out from the various professions of life.

    Isn’t this similar. The start of reservation happened in 1990. Now, the government wants to increase it to 50% in all education(for a political gain, of course). Tomorrow (a bill is pending) in all jobs and professions. Then to 90%. And finally the repression would have all upper castes out of the society. Who decides the line? The politics is crippled for the lure of votes. The SC is helpless. The great President is just a mascot !

    Typically, even from historic perspective such acts of injustice have taken a long and a demonic face to correct and rectify. I hope there is some sanity in India still left. Amen!

  8. Hmmm, two strong comments. Thanks for the view points guys!

    Isn’t this similar. The start of reservation happened in 1990. Now, the government wants to increase it to 50% in all education(for a political gain, of course). Tomorrow (a bill is pending) in all jobs and professions. Then to 90%. And finally the repression would have all upper castes out of the society. Who decides the line? The politics is crippled for the lure of votes. The SC is helpless. The great President is just a mascot !

    You have hit some nails spot on. However, all upper castes out of the society is too much :-D!

    I completely agree with you Singhal that we should correct this and rectify it asap!! :-)! Thanks for your comment again!!

  9. dear mr singhal ,thankyou very much for raising your voice against reservation.i along with my family members strongly appreciate your views regarding existing reservations in india.government of india has never reviewed the reservation
    policy since independance.they are still following the policy of english rulers in india that is”DIVIDE AND RULE”.by increasing the reservation for more other castes they are increasing the vote bank for them. i have one suggestion to our friends to ask oppositon parties to clarify their views regarding reservations in yes or no.

  10. Dear all anti reservation activists!

    please start sending at least 3 sms and 3 emaiuls to all poiticians – you may get their email ids on government websites.

    let us flood them with hate and shame.

  11. Are we biggest democracy with a lame constitution! Perhaps, ours may be the only democratic constitution that dicriminates on the basis of caste, religion and ethenicity.

    Why consititution can not give us right to change our caste to make things equal? from UC to OBC?

  12. Hehehe!! That’s kinda funny!!
    Why consititution can not give us right to change our caste to make things equal? from UC to OBC?

    I guess that mite be an awesome solution to this problem!! ;-)!

  13. I am an ordinary UC (as termed by socialists of this country) citizen of this country.

    I and my children are being victimized for the alleged sins of my forefathers.

    I am being told by poltical parties that my forefathers commited atrocities on public so I request the GOI to submit a detailed chargesheet against me with names of my forefatehers and list of crimes commited by my forefathers.

    I want to clean the slate by seeking most severe punishment for the crimes of my forefathers, but at the same time, I seek a promise from GOI that my children will be spared from any further punishment, descrimination and persecution.

    I also hope that GOI will stop brandishing my children as UC which has a socialist meaning of criminals.

    I appeal to other so called UC brethern to also come forward and clear their conscience and get rid of sins of their forefathers.

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