The Fiasco man

Aaah, what is up with me and getting into situations? The weekend saw me in a spree of situations that I wouldn’t rather be in! How is it that It is like I have an affinity for awkard situations, mostly because of my own conscious [highly questionable] decisions.

Friday Evening: It all started off as a teammate’s treat party. I had a pitcher of beer and four tequila shots. Everything was fine and dandy until of course, I decided to take a pineapple piece. For the uninformed, I am highly allergic to pineapple. Then, the pain, the irritation, and the unability to vomit made me an icon of despair! I knew I had to get the damned pineapple out, and yet, being unable to do it got to me. Spent about half an hour in a lav and only at the end, when got into my team-mate’s card did I finally end up puking, and guess what? Inside my team-mate’s car. Poor guy!!

So, that was the prologue to the whole thing!

Sunday evening: After a pretty much decent Saturday and getting through the majority of Sunday came the icing to the cake. I decided to pull a friend’s leg and well, it went a tad too much. I am still reeling with the fact that I let myself do that. I mean I understand what’s opine. I understand it better yet for the fact that I at one point of time, even I was sensitive. I used to think as to how people have the right to pull other’s legs. What is their problem in life? However, under the guidance of the best of my friends [read: able leg pullers of the first kind], I came to realise that people take that particular liberty for 2 reasons.
– You think you are close to the person and think that you can work it out with them
– You are a spiteful person.

From my side, I honestly thought that this person wouldn’t mind it! But was horribly shocked when she felt awfully bad. As a result, my thoughts wandered on the same trying to piecemeal the whole scene in sequence and pinpoint on the “crossing the boundary”. Guilty feelings plagued my mind. I thought back to the only another point where in I have hurt someone’s feelings. There also, the same thing happened and I had vowed not to hurt people this way, especially after having undergone similar pangs.

However, I think I have had enough comeuppance for the whole situation. I did try and write an honest apology. And I am indeed deeply sorry for the whole fiasco. I also am sorry that I am such a fiasco man! I get into awkard situations, and even though it might be honest mistakes, it’s still highly embarassing/deeply hurting for the other person, and for myself.

Retrospection is NOT the answer to the same I know. I can only hope that my impromptu nature and my thinking on my feet do not get me into further such complications. Right now, however, I am going through hell. So, I hope you do forgive me *******!

4 thoughts on “The Fiasco man

  1. Hey pangs u r a nut!!Honestly it was ok.And on second thoughts i am calling off the whole deal…hehehe…I just cant liv with it.

  2. i second that!!
    Hey pangs u r a nut!!! Honestly!!! 🙂 and its not OK!!! HAHAHAA…me juz kiddin bro..
    btw, when did u turn into a major guzzler? arnd 6 months back @ PH, u were a sippin baby!! hehe..anywayz me had a bloody gud guzzzlin weekend too maaaaaaan!!! phewww~!
    …and chill out dude! ManUtd beat Arse 2-0!!! it’s party time!!!

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